First time HPV positive in


I’ve just had my letter back to tell me I have high risk HPV and I’ve to get a smear in another 12 months.
My concern is that prior to this smear, it was 8 years since my last one… Not by choice as such, there was COVID etc and I always just thought you would receive a letter when it was time for you to go for one. What if I have had HPV this full 8 years?!
On this basis, should I be asking for testing sooner?
I know breast cancer has nothing to do with cervical cancer, but my sister was 27 when she got this and it’s always just in the back of my mind.

Should I phone my GP to raise my concerns??

TIA for any help

Hi, may I ask how old are you? I am 55 and always had normal pap results until 2020 when I have been told I had HPV and no abnormal cells, had to repeat in a year but went privately as I was anxious to wait a year, march 2021 I had a colposcopy and biopsy HPV+ and CN1
SEPT 2021colposcopy and biopsy HPV+ and Borderline
March 2022 colposcopy no biopsy smear results HPV+ and no abnormal cells
March 2023 colposcopy and biopsy CN1 no HPV
FEB 2024 colposcopy and biopsy as mild changes seen I am waiting for the results and I am so nervous…HPV can lay dormant and activate sometimes they cause problems and sometimes doesnt. The body can clear the virus within 2 years mine took longer, My self I dont know when i got the HPV as I only had 2 men in my life… yours is high risk HPV they want to repeat the smear in a year as you dont have abnormal cells and to see if the HPV is gone…
Hope this help.


Thanks for your reply. I’m 35, 36 this year.

I called my GP surgery this morning and explained my concerns, so they’ve booked me in for a phone appointment next Wednesday to discuss it further.

My sister got palmed off with her breast cancer saying she was too young with no family history, and if she hadn’t went private who knows what the outcome would have been.

I might also end up going private, cause given that it is positive it could have been for this full 8 years, and I’ve since been reading stories that nothings came to light until a colonoscopy has been carried out even though smears showed no cell changes.

Our health is too important to not full look into.

I went privately to do my smear it cost me £185 in harley street in London which is a posh area to have it done, the NHS just tells you that you have high risk HPV but dont tell you which one, while privately they tell you all.The most dangerous ones are 16/18 which can lead to cervical cancer but not always. The only thing is I was told I had CN2 while on colposcopy biopsy was only CN1 and within a year it regressed but cameback as long is only CN1 they dont do treatments they just monitor it. If you can go privately for a piece of mind but wait at least 6 months after you previous smear otherwise is not accurate…

Hello, i have bèen in a similar situation, i actually missed two smears in the past then 2021 smear no abnormal cells HPV postive i was told to wait 12 months but i was so worried as i thought i could have had it for years, i ended up speaking to a specialist who explained it was ok to wait 12 months as even if i had HPV for over 10 years it takes a very long time for any cells to change, repeated smear in 2022 and again 2023 both said the same no abnormal cells HPV postive. I went for a colposcopy after my last smear as HPV not shifted, had biopsy, they couldnt get a clear reading because my cervix was inflamed but assured no suggestion of cancer, they advised i get some vaginal swabs to see if i had an infection, had swabs and turns out i had a bacterial infection (had no symptoms god knows how long ive had it) the GP told me this could be why my HPV is not going so i am on a course of antibiotics then once cleared i go for the colposcopy and biospt again. Its made me think how important it is to get tested for any vaginal infections as they are very common and can cause issues. Just to reassure you, the colposcopist explained there is alot of mis information about HPV online and some women have it for many years and have yearly screenings with no cell changes and the cells change very very slowly so it would be picked up on yearly screenings without progressing much. If you do need a colposcopy & biopsy it is completely painless , i was petrifed as i have a low pain threshold but it was absolutely fine. Good luck with everything

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