Long term High risk hpv advice welcome

Hi, first time poster

Writing my query as I can’t find anything similar on here and worried and confused. I’ll list the facts and hope some can advise. Thanks.

There is so much lovely support here I thought I’d try get some!

I’m an oldie!


Been for regular smears all my life with no issues.

Smear last year ( First time HPV include in test)

Result High Risk HPV but no cell changes come back in a year.

One year later, Smear test February and result back today exact same High risk HPV, no cell changes, same come back in a year.

By my calculations of when I’ve been sexually active I have had this HPV for around 20 years!

Everything I read says most people clear it after 2 years.

I’m not sure what this means for me in terms of risk of cancer having had it so long. Why has it stayed with me and what’s it doing?!

I don’t really understand and despite too much Googling I can’t find anything about older women finding out they’ve had this for years and what’s the prognosis.

Great that I’m being monitored but beyond getting a letter from NHS I feel a bit left to just wait.

Anyone else in same position or anyone qualified to advise? Thanks so much and best wishes to all of you out there

Hi @ScottishClara hope you’re well! I had HPV for 2 smears however on my second smear it came back that I had cell changes and this came back as CIN3 and I had to have the LLETZ procedure

I believe it’s a positive that you don’t have any cell changes as mine went from no cell changes to CIN3 within 1 year. They do say that it can clear on its own if your immune system can get rid of it, I’ve read loads of stories of women taking AHCC to help (I’m also taking it in hope I’m HPV negative at my next smear). God knows if it will work but worth a try and I’ve read so many success stories as it helps boost your immune system

My understanding of HPV is that the virus can cause abnormal cells and if not treated these cells can turn to cancer which is why they monitor you to make sure it’s not progressed!

Hopefully someone who has had persistent HPV sees your question and can give their advice and experience

Hi I’ve tested HPV+ twice over a 4 year period, first with no cell changes and then with what looks like mild changes, but waiting biopsy results. My colposcopy nurse told me HPV acts like the cold sore causing HPV virus so can lay dormant but reactivate in periods of stress etc. so your body may have managed to keep it dormant for 20 years. They said it can activate and then go dormant or activate and continue to cause cell changes. Hope that helps x