First time having a colposcopy

Hi, I’ve just had a colposcopy for the first time (painful)
I’ve now got to wait 4 to 6 weeks for results. I’m 31 years old and I’m not eating or sleeping properly, I’m just worried that these results are going to come back serious.
Has anyone had worries like this and have you any advice.

Thanks in advance

Hi misscat. It took 2 weeks for my results from colposcopsy. The wait is awful.
It’s easier said then done trying to relax and not think about the what if.
Hopefully you’ll get the results soon xx

Hi there,

I just had a colposcopy today so in the same boat - feeling a bit nervous but hopefully we get our results soon. Wishing you all the best

Just had mine today aswell. Just the dreaded wait now! Thinking of you all :blush:

Did you have to wait long for your colposcopy appointment? My smear test result (got this about a week ago) said I needed a colposcopy but they haven’t sent through an appointment for this yet. Feeling a bit worried about this, as I have had some symptoms but I haven’t been able to get through to my gp surgery either over the last 2 weeks.

Love to you all, hope you get your results soon.

I have been waiting for a Colposcopy Appointment for about 6 weeks so far.I am hardly Sleeping at all.The waiting is so hard to cope with.Xmas and New Year was not enjoyable as I can’t focus .