First smear


So, I’m 25 and I had my first smear at the end of April. I found out on Thursday (20th June) that I have to have a colposcopy.

But they haven’t told me my results. The person who arranged my colposcopy was just a receptionist so she couldn’t give me any results. She just asked if I’d had a recent smear and said that the referral had been made straight from the lab.

I’ve phoned my GP and they don’t know anything about it.

I’m worried that I haven’t been told about my results. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to find out my results sooner rather than later.

Ive got to wait 5 weeks for the colposcopy, is this a normal waiting time?

Any advice would be really helpful.


Thank you! 

Hi Cmjones,

I think it depends what country you live in - Im in Australia and they told me my results and referred me to a colposcopy but my results showed quite severe changes which I think is why she said she wanted to tell me face to face (not cancer but just high grade changes). However, from reading posts on there I think some people have just got letters saying they are booked in for a Colposcopy. 

I was told I would need to wait 4-5 weeks for my appointment which I couldnt deal with as I was so stressed about it so I went private and was seen within 2 weeks. 

Hope that helps x 

Hello :) 

I had my first smear back in January when I turned 25 and have also been for a colposcopy.

My smear results came back as low grade changes which is why they do the colp to have a better look with a small camera, the procedure itself is just like having a smear with the speculum etc. 

While I was there having the colp they took some biopsies, I'm not sure if this is standard procedure for everyone but mine then came back as CIN3 - high grade pre cancerous changes. 

I think I waited about 4 weeks or so for mine