Newbie with worries :(


I am new to this forum and i joined because i wanted some advice as im now starting to panic!!

Nearly 5 years ago i had my first smear test and the results came back as CIN3, i had a colposcopy but was told nothing could be done then as the amount of cells affected would need to be removed under general anaesthetic. So i had the surgery about a month later and a smear test after recovery which came back clear.

Since then i've had clear results and just over 4 weeks ago i had my latest smear but havent had the results back yet.

My worries lie in the fact that the nurse said that currently the results take 2-3 weeks, that has passed so i rang the Dr and they said 3-4 weeks and they hadnt even received them back to the surgery yet!!

My questions are, because i've had abnormal changes before, can these changes happen again within 12 months, can cancer develop in 12 months and do positive results take longer than negative ones?

I'm stressing out now!!!

I would be really grateful for some advice xxx


I would ring your doctors again and ask them to chase the results. My mother in law works at my GP's and her job is to chase up results and deal with referrals.She said every month she has to check the list of everyone that has had smears and ensure a result is back. If not, she chases it up in case it's gone missing somehow!

However - I had my smear and a week later I had a call from my GP who had been contacted my the lab directly due to the severe abnormalities. I was directly referred to colposcopy and my appointment was the next week. I think urgent cases are pushed. You do need your results back for piece of mind so do chase!

I'm not an expert but they do say that cancer takes a long time to develop, thats what is getting me through. My last smear 3 years ago was normal so am hoping i dont have cancer but currently waiting for biopsy results.

I'm sure you'll be fine xx


Thanks for your reply, i will ring the Dr's again. One of the main reasons i'm worried is that when i had my first smear, i completely forgot about the results until they came in the post many weeks later with an appointment letter for a colposcopy. I had CIN3 and even then i didnt get a phone call!

Still not had my results back and I've also found out that my sister who lives near me had hers back in 2 weeks and my friend who I shared my concerns with and said she had not long been for hers has now had her results back!!! Grrrrrrrr I'm so frustrated!!!