First Smear Result

Hi everyone, 

I'm fairly sure I'm just scaring myself, do some advice and reassurance would be lovely please.

I'm 25, and had the results of my first smear through yesterday: borderline cells with no evidence of HPV, and my next smear isn't until 2018.

Naturally, the "borderline" part scared me a bit, but I tried to focus on the fact that the HPV is negative and that means I'm not at a high risk.

The things that have been playing on my mind:

1) I know I have had HPV, when I was 18, as it came to light when I had a screen at the GUM clinic. Would this affect my chances of these changes becoming moderate or severe In a few years time? 

2) (APOLOGIES FOR THE TMI!) A few weeks before my smear, I noticed some red blood for a few days after having intercourse, for a few weeks, which isn't normal for me as I have had a mirena coil fitted for 3 years and have rarely experienced more than a few drops of spotting every few months. 

Can an somebody please calm me down?

Thanks :)

Not sure on the Hpv as it looks like your body has fought off the virus but you can get it again so I don't think you have any more chance of developing abnormal cells as I think these grow when you have hpv and your body isn't fighting it off. However I haven't checked this so not sure if any other ladies can confirm/correct me here. 

Did you tell the nurse who did the smear that you had bleeding after sex? It could just be hormonal? 

Be assured that if they found abnormalities they didn't like,  you would either be in for treatment or they would call you back say in 6 /12/18 months for repeat smear.

I would keep an eye on those symptoms if you bleed after sex more regularly worth a trip to docs or sexual health clinic and don't forget to mention your smear result. 





Plus of course eat as healthy a diet as is possible to help your immune system fight off the borderline changes.

Be lucky