Borderline but hpv negative

I just received my smear results - borderline but hpv negative. I've only ever had normal smears (this is my 5th smear, I'm 33) and I'm freaking out!

i have been put on the 3 year recall list but 3 years seems ages to wait??! I have a few questions for you lovely folk:

1) I'm planning to chat to my gp tomorrow and ask for a follow up in 6 months - does that sound reasonable? I'm scared he will say no but I have private health cover. Has anyone managed to get a smear test done privately using health cover or do you have to pay yourself? (I'm in the UK)

2) if you have to sort follow up yourself, would you get a 3 month repeat or 6 month?

3) My second child is about to turn 1, could the pregnancy still affect my smear result? I'm thinking no, and I didn't breastfeed for very long but interested to know what you think. The other thing was that during my pregnancy I had one episode of a very small random bleed (we are talking a 50p sized bleed upon wiping) - I got it checked out and the obstetrician said she could see ectropion cells on my cervix. Nothing to worry about etc etc and very common I know, but could they be the cause of the borderline result?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm terrified! I know that the hpv negative result is good but I just can't stop worrying :-(


Thank you so much xx

Hi fleur,

i don't have any experience about this really but wanted to say I do sympathise with your situation. 

Boarderline or low grade changes are tricky. before they brought in the hpv testing I believe you would of had a follow up in a year (I may be wrong so don't quote me ;-). If you would of been hpv positive you would of been referred for a colposcopy so they can see the changes, taken biopsies and possibly treated it. It's all about the risk of the changes progressing and board line and hpv negative are extremely low. I had/have Cin 1 (confirmed by biopsy) and hpv positive- I didn't receive any treatment and will have a follow up smear in a years time (So they know I have it but are in no rush to keep checking).  

It really is the what ifs that bother me and, like you, would like a follow up in 6 months time but it's not in the nhs protocol and I know (unless I have symptoms) I will be refused at 6 Months so will be paying privatly to have one done. I know I have to give my body time to heal and it can take up to two years for your body to clear this virus but for my own peace of mind I want to know that it's either the same or clearing. The private smears vary from £90-£130 and the additional hpv testing costs a lot more. 

Also, I had my first smear 3 years ago at 26. It was 6 months after I had given birth and it came back all clear. 


Take care and try not to worry to much. Xx

Thank you for your reply - means a lot! I managed to speak to my gp this morning who was very sympathetic re the wait and reassuring about the results so I'm feeling better.

she has agreed to try and get me another smear in 6-12 months (although this will involve me telling a couple of fibs....) she was like 'strictly off the record!!!!' So at least I don't have to wait 3 whole years. 


Now I just need to figure out how to put it to the back of my mind for the next 6 months I guess! Im a terrible worrier so this will be easier said than done! X

That's great news :) sounds like you have a lovely gp. 

as for the not worrying- I have no advice Other than keeping yourself busy. I'm no overly worried as the statics are in my favour but it is a constant niggle and (again) the what ifs. Xx


what was the outcome of your situation and results of your follow up smear? your situation sounds very similar to mine so just interested to know




Hi just wondering if you got a response to your comment? I'm in the same situation  and really don't want to wait 3 years to find out if it's ok or gotten worse.