Borderline changes?

Hi there, 

after having a normal smear last aug I never thought id be worrying about cervical cancer, but just ove the last couple of months I have bled after sex on a couple of ocasinos and also had irregular bleedino- I have had the mirena could for almost a year too and have always had a regular period with IT. The doctors advised me that the bleedinh could be due to my coil. But I thought it would be in my best interests for me to pay for a private smear. I had the results today and they were borderline changeA!! My question is if there was anything really sinister going on would the smear test pick it up and is borderline changes something to be concerned about? 

thank you very muvh

hayley xxx

hi Hun was u tested for hpv and have u been booked in for a colsocopy i had my first smear october 2014 it came back borderline hpv i went for my cols and doc said everything looked fine and now ive been put back on to 3 yearly smears i keep thinking the doctor missed something xx

Hey im not sure I payed privately so am picking up my results this morning, she said that they usually say retest in 6 months but she said that if I was her sister she would refer me for a colposcopy!! Im so anxious as I cant understand why im bleeding but they've told Me borderline changes are Nothing to be concered about xxx

Hey I just got them and it saus type 16 and 18 not detected but other HR HPV DETECTED :-(! Now I'm scared xx

Hi Hayley, I'm sorry that you're having a tough time. Borderline abnormalities are usually left to go back to normal on their own which is why they book you in for a followup after 6 months. It's great that 16 and 18 weren't detected because they're the ones that can potentially turn in to cancer over time. In regards to other hpv, most women have it or get it at some point in their life and our immune system fights it off so it's not unusual to have hpv :). If you're still concerned could you book an appointment with your gp and get her to go through the results with you? Xxx