First Period After LLETZ

Hi all,


I recently had LLETZ done (9 days ago) the whole procedure was fine, most painful thing was the L.A. I have been pretty lucky and not really had any pain or discomfort afterwards compared to what i expected - my punch biospy gave me more pain afterwards!

I had anti-biotics given to me straight away for 5 days which was fine but made me feel a little sick if im honest >.<

Anyway, im also on the pill and asked if i should carry on taking it while i heal or take a break like usual - advice have a break like usual. I have been very lucky and never suffered pains with periods. But this time was painful (for me anyway - actually proberly not that bad but ive never had pains before) I Was wondering of anyone has experinced the first period after this procedure also found it more painful than normal? Im not worried about the pain but just wondered if this was normal to happen really?

thanks xx

Hi love,

I hope you're feeling ok after your LLETZ. I was in the same boat as you in Dec when I had my 2nd LLETZ done. I had 6 days left on my pill packet after my LLETZ and I decided to take the break - I was feeling so bloated and awful that I thought I'd feel miles better afterwards and just get the first period out the way and done while I was rest and not doing much anyway. It turned out to be ok - a bit heavier and my tummy was a bit more tender than normal but nothing horiffic.

However, I then backed to backed my pill for Jan as my period was going to fall over a weekend at CenterParcs. I'm now on my second period since my LLETZ and this one is worse, very painful and heavier than normal :-( Still think my body is a bit battered but I'm sure it will get back to normal soon. At least I can have a bath now which I guess will help a bit.

Best wishes, Lucy xx

Hello thanks for your reply Lucy,

Yeah its not unbareable painful just not what im used to.

i was thikning about doing a back to back packet next month...maybe ill just take a break like normal again and hope for the best :/ 

i cant wait to have a bath!!! im currently hugging a hot water bottle instead which is helping.

Just a quick question - how long did you wait for your LLETZ results to come through? i know everyones is different depending on results and the area you live. Ive been told i should have them no later than 3/4 weeks after my not letting waiting for the results be the only thing i think about but im quite an impaitent person :)



Hello, I had my LLETZ and then rang for the results the following week, but got them about 9 days after my LLETZ in the end. I was clased as an urgent case due to suspected CC (which was there and removed in the LLETZ) so everything moved pretty quickly. Although I had my results from ringing, I didn't get my actual letter until about 4 weeks after my op.

You could always try ringing them to see if they have anything to tell you? No harm in tyring :) x

I don't think I'm an urgent case and it's now 2 weeks since the LLETZ and haven't heard anything. I will call in a few days (give the lovely post man some more time to drop the letter first) I just want to know the outcome, more for my mum, think she's the one worrying bless her. I Got my appointment for a 6 month check up 2 days after the mini op, which I thought was really fast, and because she recognised the brown hospital envelope she woke me up EARLY just so she knew what it was about! 

Sorry to hear you had Cc - but I can see that your LLETZ worked and your all clear :)