Period after LLETZ

Hi ladies,

I hope you are all keep as well as can be. I had my LLETZ last thursday and so far so good, a little bit of bleeding, soreness etc but nothing I wasnt expecting! (all a little bit grim mind, I made the other half squirm when I went into details!!)
However, my period is due tomorrow - I am on the pill and normally am lucky enough to have pretty painless periods - however today I have really horrible cramps which painkillers arent really helping. Is this normal for a period after treatment?!

Thanks all

Cat x x x

Hi Cat,
I’m on the pill too, but when I had my LLETZ I asked the nurse what I should do re a period and she told me to run two packets together so I could differentiate how I was healing from a period. I’m not sure this will be any help but I did run two packs together so I had my first period post LLETZ about 5 weeks after my treatment and I got weird period like cramps on the Wednesday (my first pill free day) with no period (I usually come on on the Friday). They were quite bad as normally I can have a period without taking any painkillers but I considered taking some for these weird fake cramps. I decided not to in the end in case there was something wrong with how I was healing, I wanted to keep a measure on the pain lol. They got a bit better but were definitely still there on the Thursday (again, no period, just cramps) and then my period pain was pretty normal on the Friday.
However, I have read things on here from ladies who haven’t been on the pill and their first period after LLETZ has been qutie painful :frowning:
My biggest beef with my period apart from the phantom cramps was pads - I HATE PADS! It made me feel like an awkward 13 year old girl getting her first periods again. Not good.
I hope you’re feeling ok after your LLETZ and everything. Sending big hugs your way! x x x x

thanks for the reply hun. I share your feelings, sodding pads are driving me mad - I feel about 12 again! the one they gave me after the LLETZ was literally like a nappy
its funny how much conflicting info there is out there - I was wondering about stringing two pill packets together as my period was so soon after the LLETZ but they said I shouldnt do this - something to do with your cervix closing up - eek!!
I have exactly the same thing, horrible cramps but no actual period yet. Bleugh - going to go home to curl up with a hottie (bottle not bf) and watch some trashy tv

Hi - my first period about a week after LLETZ was a bit grim in terms of pain and cramps for he first 48 hours but I found Feminax, hot water bottle and large G&T helped and it soon settled down.

One other things that happened was the period kind of flushed out what was left over from the LLETZ, so don’t be alarmed if you get weird coloured stuff (black, brown, green) coming out. It’s quite normal after this. On the positive side, I had very little discharge after the period and was down to thin panty liners by week 3.

Good luck, take it easy and it will be over before you know it! x

Hey Cat,
Definately odd with the conflicting advice. I did wonder if the weird cramps but nothing to show for it was my cervix opening for letting the blood out (gross lol) but then thought ‘nooo that’d be silly’ but from what you’ve said about your advice to not run two packs together that might be true!
Rosehip, I’m jealous of your healing, I was flouncing around in panty liners for about a week after LLETZ thinking it hadn’t been that bad at all, then (around the time I’d have got my period) the scab stuff started and the light bleeding from that didn’t really stop until about week 4/5 when I got my period! Maybe running the two packs together wasn’t such a good idea!
I agree though, hot waterbottle, painkillers, and gin, definitely a winning combination :slight_smile: I recommend Geordie Shore for top trash tv lol :slight_smile: x x x x

Gin helps most things in my opinion!! multiple episodes of Sex and the City were watched last night much to the dismay of my other half!

Rosehip - I’ve been following your story and know that you have your investigations today - I hope they go ok and that the most minimum of treatment possible is needed. thinking of you


I had more cramping than usual with my first period after my LLETZ and it was totally GROSS to have to use pads … ewwww!

Starting to now be a bit worried that I may have an infection - the blood is bright red and am having pain in my lower back as well has the normal cramps.
has anyone else had this? I dont have anything smelly (sorry!) but just a bit concerned about the pain
So over all this!!!