First period after LLETZ


So I started my first period since having a loop biopsy, and I'm in a lot of pain. I don't usually get many period pains, however today I've been in so much pain all day!

I was wondering if it's just me or had anyone else had really bad/worse than normal period pains during the first period after a LLETZ biopsy.

Thank you x


I don't have any experience of this but just wanted to say that I hope you're feeling a bit better now, I imagine your period might be finished by now? Did the pain decrease? I hope so! I had lletz yesterday and my period is due in 3 weeks, I'm not looking forward to a period with no tampons!


Aug 2013 - turned 25, clear smear result
Jan 2015 - smear taken as part of routine 'full body' health check-up - results show HPV 16 high risk, and CIN 1 confirmed
Jan 2015 - colposcopy, CIN 2 confirmed, biopsy taken - results inconclusive, return in 6 months for another colposcopy
July 2015 - 6 mth repeat colposcopy - abnormal cells seen, biopsy taken, and smear
July 2015 - smear results show HPV 16 moderate changes, biopsy result inconclusive (again) - lletz carried out. 
Awaiting results, due in 2 weeks

Hi wildcc

im also in a similar situation. I was due my period the day of my lletz but it came a week later and I to was in a lot of pain the cramps kept me up all night and I've generally been feeling rubbish mood wise to (Much more than how I usually feel) I think this is quite normal after you've had such a procedure for it to mess with your period. 

Hope you are feeling better soon