First follow up tomorrow

Got my first appointment with my consultant since my RH in July in the morning. I'm sitting here trying to think of all the questions I want to ask. Even with them written down I probably won't get round to asking as I feel I'm wasting time. Must remember to ask about my smear audit though, be quite interested in that. No idea what to expect really. Also my husband was planning to come in with me but we've no one to look after the children, so now I'll be on my own. Oh well. Soon be done.

Hi Blackberry

Firstly, you are NOT wasting time.  Your questions are important.  I've kept a note book dedicated to my journey where I write all my notes, appointments and questions with spaces after to write the answers.  It's so easy to forget to ask something or forget what they actually said so it is important to write it all down, you will be glad you did.  I still do it 2 years on!

What a shame your husband can't be with you, mine always remembered more than I did so it's doubly important to take those notes!

Wishing you lots of luck, hope it goes really well - report back and let us know.





Hi Blackberry,

Do take your notebook with you, it is a great idea and don't be afraid to refer to it. consultants can't get guess how you are feeling, how you have been keeping so it is up to you to talk. If you don't ask questions they may feel you have the answers already.  get in the driving seat when you get there tomorrow.

This is is your first check up, you will be nervous and it is only normal to have your notebook as a back up ! You don't want to leave there saying why didn't I ask this question.

Very best wishes for tomorrow.


big hugs,



Good luck for today xx