First consultant appointment

hi all, im seeing my consultant tommoro for the first time to get mri and ct scan results , and to discuss treatments and I'm Absolutley terrified , i just worry what they might have found and where/if it's spread . Ita been nearly two weeks since I was diagnosed on the phone by the colposcopist , I've not spoke to anyone else and just had the two scans , I don't even know what grade or anything all she said on the phone was that it was cancer :/ . The waiting had been horrendous as I'm sure you all know I know by reading the posts on here that there are a few of us in this situation at the minute , so lets all support each other :) xx

Hi Hun I have finished my treatment now but I no what you our going through I was told I had stage 2b grade1 treatment for me was 25 radiation and 5 chemo and 3 bracky treatment I was fine with the treatment few toilet issues and feeling sick and tired but I feel fine now I have a check up on Wednesday then a MRI scan 2 weeks from then we our all here to support you  and your not alone sending you a big hug and good luck with your results xxx

Hi Sam

i just wanted to say I'm thinking about you tomorrow.  I'm at the same stage as you but my appointment is on Wednesday.  I think the waiting and lack of information is the worst bit as it causes the mind to wander and think the worst.

i dont know if it's helpful or not but I made a list of questions about my cancer the treatment etc so at least I make the most of the time I have with consultant so I can be fully informed about what I'm facing.  I'm also focusing on the fact that after the consultant I can start treatment and getting well.


i really hope tomorrow goes as well as it can and it's human nature to fear the worst (I think most of us do). A lot of ladies on here have said this is one of the worst bits.


Hi Ladies,


Just wanted to wish you all the best for your appointments this week. The waiting is most definitely the worst. I'm going into week 3 of treatment tomorrow, aside from nausea and tiredness all is good.


Hi , that's for all the comments it dec helps with the anguish , kimmy good look for wed ! I'll let you know tommoro what is said . 


Sam x

*thanks for all the comments I meant not that's !! Brains not functioning properly :/