First colposcopy, 24 years old. Not coping.

I'm so glad I found this forum. I feel like my life is falling apart.

A few weeks ago I went for my first cervical smear test. In my area we get offered screening 6 months before our 25th birthday. I have health anxiety and because of this I couldn't wait to go for it and put my mind at rest. A week later I received a letter saying my sample is HPV positive and I have high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis. I had the HPV vaccination when I was 15 so this came as a big shock. I now know that the vaccine does not protect against all HPV. I didn't think I had any symptoms but now I think about it, I have irregular bleeding quite a lot - I have an implant and figured that this is what was causing it.

I got an appointment for a colposcopy 6 days later and saw a consultant. Because I was going abroad the following week she said she didn't want to do any treatment until I got back as the no swimming rule would ruin my holiday.

I'm now back from my holiday and had the colposcopy yesterday. She did the treatment there and then to remove the abnormal cells and sent the sample to the lab for testing. She told me before the procedure that my chances of having actual cervical cancer are minimal but they still occasionally get positive cc results come back that they weren't expecting. My anxiety is running wild. I thought that if I had cancer it would have shown up on the smear, now I'm so worried there's still a chance. The consultant didn't say anything about what my cervix looked like during the procedure or if she thought there was anything more than pre cancerous cells.

I'm now waiting for the results and feeling very tearful. I'm off sick from work and been prescribed antidepressants by the GP to help with the anxiety. I feel like a bit of a fraud as there are such brave people fighting cancer everyday and I haven't actually been diagnosed.


Hey pinkunicorn,

Sorry I don’t have any information, but I’m in a similar situation myself so wanted to let you know you’re not alone! I think with your young age it’s unlikely it’s serious. I know it’s hard not to worry, have you considered calling a helpline? 


Hold tight x

I also had my first smear a couple of weeks ago. Always worry about cancer It's my worst nightmare. I got my results back around two weeks later i had high grade (sever) dyskaryosis. I had no idea what this was so googled it! Worse mistake ever. I went for a colpcopy and had the lletz there and then. The consultant told me I have alot of abnormal high grade cells and they will be sent of to the lab and i will receive the results back in 4-6 weeks. I don't really know what to expect from the results! Can it be cancer I really don't want to google anything again xx

Hi there,

Beck1993, the waiting is always the hardest part isnt it? 

sorry for jumping on this thread! I just had my first colposcopy and lletz today. I was a little shocked as my letter following my smear said I had abnormal changes which would require further investigations. When I went to see the consultant, she immediately said she would be treating me today. I wish I had known that as I would have taken someone with me. But the consultant and nurse were very good and it was over in no time.

Anyway, sorry for the ignorance but does anyone know what difference the biopsy from today and the smear test a few weeks ago would be? Surely they would tell the same thing? i feel like I wasn’t really prepared for what happened today so I hardly asked any questions that I now wish I had. 

I feel a little sick with the thought but the consultant seemed very positive So that’s got to be a good thing?!


Pink Unicorn, I am going through a similar thing currently. How are you doing now?