First Brachytherapy (Positive)

Ok so, It was so not what I had envisioned. I was even crying on the way as they were wheeling me to the procedure room. I was terrified , Im not going to lie. Plus, I have never had to use General anesthesia before either, so I was scared of being put under. Here is what happened for me… They ran an IV line, gave me a shot to really like calm and sedate me, then they rolled me into the procedure room and completely put me under. I can remember waking up roughly for about 5 secs, in a scan machine, a few minutes during the actual radiation. They did say that I woke up right before the radiation saying I was in pain so they gave me pain meds through IV and that knocked me back out. They only used heavy anesthesia through the rod assembly. The next thing I know was that I was being rolled into recovery room for unpacking. There was also gas used at some point during the sedation. The only bad part I can say about all of this was the unpacking. The doc was swift though, literally 30 secs in removing rods, packing, and catheter. So it was a quick pain, and upon removal the pain ended instantly and so did the pressure. As far as claiming about pain in between different procedures, I don’t even remember. Of course this treatment isn’t pleasant, but it is doable and no where near what I had myself prepped for. Oh yeah, and my throat was a tad sore from the tube, but i just thought it was like really dry, or like I ate something that scraped my throat or something. Due to chemo causing me severe acid reflux and gerd they thought a tube would keep things on the safe side.

Hi nm

yeah!!! Finally something went your way! I'm so relieved for you. The brachy really isn't bad at all. I do remember feeling a bit sluggish the next day from all the drugs but other than that I had pretty much same experience as you. 


You are both so brave, as are many others. Sending you lots of love and the very best of wishes xx

Don't get me wrong, it burns when I pee due to the catheter l had lol. But hey, that's what our pain meds are for right?

It's sad, so far I prefer the brachy to the chemo and Neupogen shots!

:)......too funny!! I just used a peri bottle and sprayed while going. 

save the good stuff for when you really need it ;)

Good on you NM, you are so close to finishing. After its all over you will realise that you have strengths you didn't know you had. Big hugs xx

So glad to read this :-) Almost there now :-)

Be lucky :-)

So good to read this, I have my first Bracchy Friday and I'm terrified 

Kim xx

As I said, I cried as they were wheeling me to the op room. I was that scared. I ended up being so heavily sedated that I didn't even know what was going on. No pain after being discharged to go home either. Well all but the pesky pain when trying to pee after a catheter! You'll be fine and after that first one you'll not be so scared for the rest of them.

There you are..... how's your treatment going? No worries the brachy isn't bad at all. You will be fine!!!