Brachytherapy my experience so far

i had my first and second brachytherapy this week 

for me this was always going to be a big deal. I haven’t even used a tampon and i am very squeamish and can’t cope with internals


i will say brachy isn’t as bad as you think. 

When I woke up from anaesthic I felt bad period pain. I was given morphine and this helped. 

I asked when I woke of the rods were in and I couldn’t believe it. 

I was then taking for a ct scan and was scared getting rolled onto the bed. 

Treatment itself is fine. Very strange being hooked up from you lady part to a machine. 

Lying still all night was long and boring and I got sore heels from not moving.

The nurse came in and cleaned my bum about 4 times not sure why lol  I also had bad gas all night 

Getting the packing removed was painful for me. Nurse said I was too tense despite gas and air so I made it harder for myself  

It was sore and difficult but doable  

I actually took the gas off and screamed for the last bit lol but I wasn’t sore after it 


i was allowed home home about an hour later as long as you have passed urine


so although it sounds horrible it is totally doable and better than expected 


It's lovely to read positive posts like this - it helps take the fear away.

It wasn't painful when I had the rods (gas and air helped along with the nurse talking rubbish to me about something funny), it was just a bit uncomfortable. 

Totally agree, I nearly backed out of brachy after I read some of the comments on a FB group but reading the sensible posts on here made me feel so much better.


That’s me had my final treatment and brachy! Woo!

i was a little more tender this time but not agony and you will get lots of painkillers on demand. I’m just saying this so you know it’s normal it’s a doable thing. Do not decline treatment based on fear. As I said I’m very difficult about down below issues so this whole thing is a nightmare but if I can do brachy so can you. It’s honestly not that bad.