My First Brachy Done!!

Hi All,

Sorry I’ve not been an avid poster but as i mentioned before I’m not really a social media type and when poorly tend to get the head down and get on with it :slight_smile:

But as Brachy was my biggest fear I thought I’d let other know how i got down to mainly ease some fears that others may have.

First off - its no picnic but at no point did I experience excruciating pain. And when any pain did show any sign of building the nurses were straight in with (good) painkillers and it was sorted. I’m serious ladies - think period pain that you just get on with then notice it getting a bit much so some paracetemol/ ibuprofen are popped and you get on with your day. The nurses are well aware that yes this can be painful so don’t mess around so they’re in their with the oxy…12 hour slow release and also another version which they can give as and when needed as a top up.

So, I was put under for this - standard procedure at my hospital and a blimming good choice may I add. On the morning I was very tearful and the staff sis their best to calm me…every single one from nurses on ward, anesthetists, my oncologist (in his own way bless his eccentric heart), staff doing the op…they were out of this world. By the time I was being wheeled to theatre I was sobbing and shaking. The calmed me and knocked me out quickly. I woke and was terrified I would be in agony, feel the applicators, just plain old frightened beyond belief. The staff spoke with me in recovery to ascertain how to proceed, when they got me calmer they knew i was in some pain so gave me more pain relief which also help calm me, got to the root of the pain problem…wasnt the applicators but the tube to ease the gas in my rectum (I have bad haemorroids) so they removed this after asking me if this is something I wanted then to try as they was a risk I could experience abdominal pain froma gas build up. My rationale was deal with the here and now. So they took this out…its so tiny I didnt even feel it…I swear. This is a no frills, honest account so you ladies can prepare.

Anyhow this solved that and I was feeling much better. I was then wheeled of for my scan…no issues there. Brought back then had the actual treatment…10 mins. They plug the wires from what looks like R2D2 into the end onf the applicators…you’re covered at all times, they just lifted the end of my sheets. You feel nothing, hear son whirring from the machine and youre done. Unplugged and took back to the room.

Its the next 12 hours of boredom that are the worst. I was elevated slightly so get that notion of being flat on your back out your head. I could drink from a cup with a wee straw with complete ease and read a mag…defo not high enough to manage a newspaper but compared to what imagined this was soooooo much better.

As I said, the break through pain was manageable as you mention it immediately and the nurse top you up and you spend your time feeling a little uncomfortable but NOT IN PAIN!!!

I had an odd half an hour when my ‘bits’ started to contract. A little like what happens during an orgasm but without the good feeling. It was explained that it could be my body recognising a foreign object and trying to expell it…well we don’t want that as they’re no danger you could dislodge that! I was given anti spasmodic drugs and within 20 mins it had all stopped.

I lifted the sheet to have a good look at what was down their and could see the metal applicators popping out the bottom…about 6 inches worth. Yep it looked like their was some strange kitchen utensil popping out from the bottom of my vagina but I was more amazed i wasn’t in agony.

Overnight I was checked on all the time, given my pain relief and dozed on and off. The next morning I got a second scan and round of the actual brachy treatment and was prepared for removal. The tears and shaking began and no matter how much they had already proven me wrong I steadfast could not believe they were going to do it again and this was going to be the most horrific experience of my life.

It take as long to remove a tampon and you feel a pinch and its done!!! I was given a strong painkiller an hour before it, then given gas and air, it wasn’t removed till I was full of the stuff then the count with you and out if comes. When I say pinch I mean it. Its like looking at the plaster you’ve got on a hairy bit of skin and know its gonna sting and yep it stung but the pain go’s in seconds. The anticipation is a million times worse.

And that’s about it. I hope this eases some your fear. Please PM me if I can help more. Take a quote from my nurse away with you “If I could bottle that feeling of ‘is that it’ I’d be a millionaire.” I wish I had that bottle before all of this as a I was an emotional wreck. I will walk into that ward next week saying “its got to be done and its not that bad, its manageable and very doable.”

Oh and just an added bit of info. I’m quite small, I haven’t anything down in that department done, this was first smear, colposcopy etc. I also had my little girl by C-section.

Right I will stop now…I just really want everyone to know its not that bad, there will be no tears from me next week, a little nerves as I’m still human, but next week I’m DONE whoo hoo!!!



I am so glad to see your post, I still have one more long day if chemo and then my 5 weeks  chemo-radiotherapy to tackle but I received my dates in the post 2 days ago to book me in for my brachytherapy and it terrified me so reading ur post has helped as I know I will be tears and snotters from start to finish!  Although I'm trying to be positive in that having those dates pencilled in means the end of this battle and a light at end of tunnel! 

Thanks for posting, honestly, and I hope your recovering well. 


Hi Fightnotflight that is fantastic news you are a true champion I am so happy to hear how well you have done and how far you are through your treatment. Thank you for posting this it certainly will help other ladies who are ready to go through Brachytherapy. Next week is your last week of treatment I will be thinking about you and cheering you on. Big Hugs xx

Well done Fightnotflight!! One week left!!! :)

Hurrah and congratulations! And thanks so much for helping to de-mystify brachy, it seems to have developed a monstrous reputation that it really doesn't deserve.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you sooooooo very much for this :) i am due to start my chemo & radio on 24th may & end it with a 3 wk course of brachy and i have to say its the brachy that terrifies me.

This has done a bit to calm me. Thank you xxxxx

I am so pleased you are almost done with it all. 

Much love Em xxx

Thank you so much for this I have been so scared but you have really explained it and put me at ease a bit xxx

It's lovely to hear other people's stories and definitely does put minds at ease. Emma and Ali, I did a blog of my treatment and brachy in the treatment section in Jan and Feb, have a read of them, they might put you even more at ease as I had a relatively easy time of it x 

Hey Philleepa,

How do i find the blog section? I'm a bit of a technophobe so fumbling my way round here and i'm only just getting to grips with the forum haha. 

 Also thought writing a blog of my own might help me process and calm myself down, whilst helping others. I've received so much help here, i'd like to give something back if i can.

Love Em xxx

Hi x 

There isn't a blog section  (but maybe that's a good idea), my blog is in the treatment part of the forum. The first one is called finally started treatment  and the brachytherapy is imaginatively called brachytherapy or it might be braccy. My treatment started in January and braccy was February so you'll have to go back a bit. .

Def blog your own treatment,  I found it a great help x I think it also helps others x