Finished treatment

Had my last brachy today woo :):) going to feel lost now not going there every day for treatment I have my first check up in 4 wks and MRI scan in 6 weeks and if all is ok I go on 4 month checks I really Thourt the treatment was going to be hard but I have been fine apart from feeling sick and toilet issues but all has settled down now fingers crossed didn't have much pain with the brachytherapy laying down for hours was the only pain really just glad it's over and done with now am feeling drained now xx

Woo hoo!! Well done. That deserves a very big treat I reckon. Xxx

I've my last Brachy tomorrow and I'm really dreading it as I stil feel like I'm pering glass from last weeks one :( 

Fantastic news....:)

Hi ags_jos you might have an infection if your in pain when going toilet good luck with your last bit of treatment x

Hey Cvs! :-)

It was only the blink of an eye ago that you were new and scared and now you're through the other side hardly the worse for wear :-)

Well done that woman! You have a jolly good rest and only go out partying when you've caught up on your sleep :-)



Well done you. So great that you have been posting updates to reassure everyone too


Hi Cvs,

brilliant, you have done really well, you deserve a big treat and a well earned rest.

Best wishes and Big Hugs xxxxx