Last brachytherapy

Today and tomorrow are my last brachy therapy and mark the end of nearly 7 months of treatment :)). So glad it's pretty much over now and can't thank you enough for answering all my questions in that time. I'm sure at some point the reality of it all will really set in now that the treatment is finished but I'm looking forward to celebrating this weekend. 

Charlene :) xx


I hope this last little bit goes really well and that you manage to celebrate in style over the weekend.


Keep in touch won't you



Yeah ........ enjoy tour celebrations xx



Great news. Another milestone reached to a healthy you.

Enjoy your celebrations, you have earned it!

x x x

Congratulations,and well done for getting through it all.

Enjoy your celebrations.

All the best

Becky x

Thanks guys :)) I will be sticking around for the check ups the scans and whatever else is coming now. This site has helped me through all of it. Good feeling to know this is the last and you can get through it with a positive attitude and wee bit of humour a long the way xxx


No, surely, isn't humour a bad thing? ;-)



oh defintely not I wouldnt of got through this without a few bald jokes and being able to laugh at people slippin up. like when I was going in for my surgery my mum was packing my bag she said what shampoo and conditioner do you want? I said mum giving her a minute to think through what she had said but instead she gave me into trouble and said you will have to wash your hair charlene you dont know how long you will be in for. with tears of laughte i said mum im bald, she cried in a different way lol but humour is key :) xx

p,s last brachy was a bit more uncomfortable but i certainly did celebrate

Humour is definitely key! What on earth would be the point of cancer if it didn't make you laugh ;-)

Your mum and shampoo, a bit like my old man and tampons.

Really glad it's all over for you now Charlene, keep us posted with how you're getting on.

Lots of love