feeling very upset Scared

Hi Ladys,


I got a call from gyno sec to tell me results had been sent out friday well Tuesday come and no results so called yesterday and she told me all urgent letters had been sent out and i should of recieved my letter i ask can she tell results she said NO then asked me to wait had a look on screen and said oh maybe there still with the doctor waiting to be signed... So then i get a call today from the sec to tell me some results are back and need to go to the doctor to be looked at and still waiting on some others to come back Now i dont know what to think and more worried than before.. 


Has any body ever been through this???


Please help 


Thank You 

Joni ( sorry for posting am just so scared )

The docs often have a team meeting to discuss your results and the best course of action. I know the wait is agony but the fact your results get looked at and treatment options discussed is really the best for you. again as I have said before it could be  that you need more treatmen,  it could be that they just want to monitor you. 

I think it is better in these situations that the secretary doesn't give out the results as if you have questions they aren't really qualified to answer them. Believe me I am glad the doctor told me my results as I had so many questions to ask! 

At least you know now that the results are in and they are looking at them so will probably be a week max more to wait. 

Sorry to hear u are so worried xxx 

Thank you x I hope your results are good x 

I am glad  that there back (well some of them) I know i just need to hold on for a few more days I guess i dont feel so bad now I know the results are back.. I cant seem to get a hold of my self at the moment I thorght i was a bit stronger than i have been.. 

I hope all goes well with yourself thank you for the information every little helps.


XX Joni

That's ok lovely lady xxx Sending you lots of good luck for your results and that they will be here soon.