I feel so frightened

Just had phone call of a lady not even sure who she was was 2 in shock 2 ask her. Basically they haven't had my results bk but because the doctor didn't like what she seen on my cervix made have already made me an app for an MRI scan and then a meeting with her Friday to discuss my results and biopsy has this happend to any 1 else? She said its just a precaution incase my biopsy comes bk cancerous I feel physically sick I've got a 7 yr old daughter an am so frightened I won't see her grow up as anyway had similar experiences be so helpful if you could let me no thank you xx


ok...Please try not to get too sacred by the response of the nurse.Its a good

thing that they are getting everything in place so that the results will be really

quick and you will get answers to your questions.Any one of the ladies on here

can relate to the waiting game,it's hurrendous,your mind runs away with you.


I hope everything is fine.Positive thoughts all be it a cliche really do help to

put things into perspective


Becky x

Thanks becky for the reply I appreciate it I just don't understand why I'm having the MRI without the results being back so in my mind they must think it is cancer am just so frightened xx

Hi, I was told I had cancer before biopsy results at the colposcopy. A ct scan was arranged also before biopsy results were back. When they had those results they sent me for MRI. So it sounds like they are getting things moving quickly. That’s good .

It is the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through and still scared the life out of me BUT listen to this. My sons birthday is on Friday . When I was first diagnosed I wondered if I’d still be here for it!! I’m still here and in remission having had treatment. It moves QUICK, it needs to, but don’t write off your future just yet! X

Thank you 365 days xx

No problem. I sometimes read my posts and think they are a bit harsh but I can only say it from my own experience. Feel free to pm me if you think it will help. Hang on in there!! X

I appreciate your comments 365 am just gonna stay positive and hope for the best like my family say I haven't had an official diagnosis yet so must keep positive xx

Oh love how awful for you!! Yr automatically going to think the worst that's natural but even though I'm in the same boat waiting for results, it's good that they are getting things moving and will be prepared should you not get the best results.  I'm not goin to say don't worry, I'd worry, most people would worry but just look at it as they are on the ball. I'm here if u need a chat. Xx

Thank u mrs M I'm starting to feel a bit more positive if it turns out to b the dreaded c then I have to be positive and deal with I have a beautiful 7yr old daughter that needs me and I attend to be here for her. Good luck with your results Hunni keep me updated xx

Don't worry I will! Xxx

Hi, similar situation to me, I never received my results just had an appointment made, I was desperate to know either way and the torment of waiting and being left in the dark is horrendous! 

I mentally prepared myself and was determined not to get upset, (easier said then done) that's a good attitude keeping positive for your seven year old daughter! A strong positive attitude will get you through!  Good luck with your results thoughts with you!!! You're not alone many women have fought this battle and won!! Having said that you have been told it's a precaution which is good that they are being thorough! Keep strong best wishes x ;-) 

Thank you else74 I appreciate your words can't believe this is all happening it seems to have come from nowhere and hit me like a train. Hope your doing ok xx

yes, im ok thanks & you will be do Positive thinking xx

Thank you xx

Just a little update...I must have txt this poor nurse about 5 times since I got assigned to her yesterday! I txt her about 20 mins ago asking if she had heard anything yet she called me and told me she hasn't but she will meet me before my scan tomorrow an she will have the results with her... Am now thinking has she got my results but won't tell me over the phone because there bad?? Ano I sound neurotic but I am just so frightened feel like my chest is going to explode with anxiety sorry to go on but I really don't like my family knowing  this anxious :( xx

No you don't sound neurotic! (ITS ME AGAIN) I honestly, was exactly the same as you I really was! It was a Friday I had finished work early . I remember sitting by the phone trying to get hold of the nurse, I was shaking convinced I had weeks to live, everything seemed so bleak, every time I picked up the phone my voice trembled as I left yet another message! I couldn't face a weekend of not knowing!

Two and a half hours past by me thinking the absolute worse until the nurse called back! She was very coy and not willing to tell me anything she wanted me to talk to the Consultant at my appointment, I begged her to tell me the results, then I said to her " it's cancer isn't it?" Her silence said it all

She said they were not allowed to divulge that information over the phone but she said I seemed up to receiving this information! The next thing I asked was " how long did I have?" She informed me treatment was marvellous more successful these days, I switched off at that point she was talking butI couldn't hear a word as I was in shock!

However, I was then taken over by this powerful almost rage where I thought no way will I let this get me down and from that moment I put the phone down it was positivity all the way! I'm at home recovering from a radical hysterectomy and I think the shock is coming out a bit now! Sorry for the life story but I swear I get into terrible panics and I got through if I can, anyone can trust me xx

thanks else74 wish I was just a bit stronger but maybe that strength will come tomorrow xx