feeling scared

Hello Ladies,
 I turned 25 in January and i was greeted with the smear test, I had my smear done end of that month which was ok,
i explained me and my partner were trying for baby no2 and we were having some issues, and when she did the smear,
she said it looked ok down there. Any way my smear came back with some abnormalities which i would have to have the
colposcopy which was ok. Anyway i recieved the letter last week saying my biopsy came back with moderate CIN2 and i have got a
LLETZ procedure on the 1st April... i'm feeling really scared and quite worried about the whole thing. especially when i have been
told i have got PCSOS too!! ( polyistic ovaries) 

My work have been amazing and very supportive, so have my mum and family. just so worried about it all!!!

sorry for going on a bit xx


Hello, had to reply as I'm in the exact same position as you. I have my lletz booked in for this Thursday the 27th march and I'm dredding it. I went for a scan on Friday just gone (lower abdo pain) and the scan lady told me I have PCO. I was so shocked as I didn't expect it. I am size 8 (not overweight) regular periods for the last 13 years iv never missed a period, no issues with excess hair etc. I don't understand it. So I understand you feeling scared, having to deal with the lletz is bad enough let alone it all at once. The only thing I keep thinking about is fertility. I have no children yet and this is what's missing in my life. I hope your lletz goes ok on the 1st April il just be few days ahead of you so feel free to message me if you want to ask anything xxxx


I'm also in the same boat, have mine booked for the 1st April at 10.15!! Absolutely petrified of the procedure! Also worried in case they find something more sinister. 

Will keep my fingers crossed for all of us

Louise xxx

Hi ladies I'm scared too pre op in morning and Lletz 9th of April under ga :(

good luck all x

Hiya iv got my pre op tomorrow and my operation the week after and like yourselfs I am dreading it but I think it's all part and parcel of what we are going through.


i know my biopsies came back CIN3 but it doesn't stop the worry that they'll find something else when they are having a good old look around I'll be asleep thankfully so won't have a clue what they are doing :) saving graces! 


good luck buck and please try not too worry too much xx

Hi again,

I forgot to ask, how are you all having your LLETZ? Mine is being done under local not general, and I'm pretty scared as it seems a lot of people get it done under general!

1st April can't come soon enough so I can get it out of the way and start the 4 week wait for results which I am sure will be worse than the procedure.

Louise xxx

Hi, mine is under local too, wish it was under general so that I didn't know what was going on etc. The majority have it under local but if u ask for it under general due to anxiety or something then they do do it but you will wait longer for them to rearrange your appointment if its already through. I think when people have it under general its usually for CGIN (bad cells in the canal) or because the lletz area may be s'more awkward to get to etc. Really wish all of you good luck xxxx

Hello Ladies, Thank you for your replies. I'm having mine done under local annesthetic :( still scared tho.

my boss at work had a lletz and she got so worked up they nearly did it under general... i dont really want that as i have a 

2 year old at home. it says on the thing about something going on my leg to keep safe or something...
I hope your all ok... thank you for your replies :)

  • January 2014 Smear
  • Results came back abnormal
  • Ultra-sound Feb to discover i had Polyistic Ovaries
  • Colcopscy done... 3 weeks later had results as moderate CIN 2
  • 1ST April 2pm my lletz pricedure

hiya scared newbie and not good on laptops.....  had smear test results back on tuesday which were high grade {severe} dyskaryosis   


got appointment through today for cytology next tuesday 

said to preper for treatment then and there and will also take a biopsy

got myself so stresses bout it feel like already a gonna before even bn


hi ladies i had my LLETZ procedure and it wasnt as bad i did cry... its been almost 3 weeks and i'm still bleeding... 1 more week til i get results

how long did everyone else bleed for