feeling down and depressed :(

So i have to go for lletz on tuesday for cin2, i feel so down and depressed, i no there is ladies going through much more but im getting myself in such a state, i wanted support from my mum and when i told her, her response was 'well most women have had it' she then changed the subject, my partner is to laid back i feel i cant talk to him about my worries and this is causing a real problem in the relationship as i think he dosnt care, and im scared of telling anyone else incase they think im being dramatic!!! Not slept properly since i received the letter last Friday, just wondering if anyone else felt this way or if indeed i am just being dramatic :( any advice appreciated thank you x

hi I'm booked in for the same I'm having my lletz on the 14th for cin3 it is a worrying time that's why were here! My family are the same however my partner is very supportive he understands my concerns. This is my first abnormal smear so was totally distressed when it came back as cin3 pre cancer. If u need to chat don't hesitate to message me and good luck with ur lletz my fingers are crossed u get the result u need loads of hugs Kelly xxxx

Aug. borderline changes with hpv from smear

Sept. Colposcopy with 3 punch biopsies. Results cin3

Oct. Lletz booked for 14th under local


No your not being dramatic, I have been just the same. Thankfully have a very understanding bf and family who have been very good. Maybe not talking to your partner about it is adding extra stress? X

Hi Claire

I have my LLETZ on Tuesday too for CIN2/3 and I feel exactly the same. One of my 'supportive' comments was 'Don't worry, if it's bad news then you just have a hysterectomy'! Not helpful!

Take care


Hi mel, i had the same response from my partner:( good luck to you, hope everything goes well for you!! 


Thanks for replying stacey, im going to attempt to talk to my partner today and explain how i am feeling, hopefully he will listen and this will ease my anxiety x

Hi kelly thanks for replying, it is nice to hear im not the only 1 thats going through this, good luck to you, i hope you also get good results when you have your lletz, its the waiting for results that annoys me, it would be good if they could tell you there and then:( xx

Hi Claire

I don't think people realise how unhelpful their comments can be.  Thank you so much - good luck to you too.


Hi Claire, wow, I am envious of you. You received a letter!! I received the dreaded phonecall after colposcopy results. Abnormalities found, bring someone with you to talk to gyno oncologist. 

In situations like these - there is no such thing as being dramatic, it's a life changing experience. I think that your partner could be scared and your Mum too, they may feel that if they take it lightly, then this might reassure you. 

I know it may not feel like it, but this is good news, they found changes, they are going to treat the changes and in a few months you will have a repeat smear to make sure all is ok.


Take as much positivity from this as you can.


I am heading to the clinic on Monday, I am terrified, I only told my partner and he;s scared but trying to be positive for me. 

Best wishes and don't feel so down.





Hi i had my LLETZ done in jan this year and it really isnt that bad I went in absolutely petrified and couldnt believe how fast i was in and out in 15mins! I had CIN III and really worked myself up before going in but I can not describe the relief I felt walking out of the hospital. I have just recieved my smear results for my follow up smear - normal and no HPV!

Good luck and take care!


I think my partner may be in denial. He won't really talk about it and I don't think he's told any of his family and everything is just carrying on as normal but I feel like I'm falling to bits quietly under the surface :(