Hi ladies, 

So I'm 28 i got my smear test back in May it came back stage 2 cin.

I had my colposcopy done on the 19th of june which was fine i didnt have pain during it but i did have cramps and bleeding after but results came back stage 3 cin.

I am booked in to have my lletz procedure tomorrow and I was feeling very positive and up beat untill it hit me on Friday night.

I can't stop crying and worrying. I keep having panic attacks which I used to get when I was severely depressed. 

Cancer has taken so many people in my family especially my mams side,including my mam, Nan, aunt, uncle and my other uncle is fighting cancer at the moment. and when I was growing up I used to ask the doctor to check for cancer cells as I was always so paranoid with it.

I don't know what to expect. I don't know the do's and don'ts. 

My boyfriend can't come with me but my friend said she can but can't drive. Am I better off getting a taxi or will I be okay driving myself?

Hi Sam,

So sorry to hear you are going through a hard time. Please try relax and stay positive. I too had CIN3 and you instantly think the worst, it's natural to worry but your biopsies have come back as CIN3 so that is what it is and they will do lltez to remove it so please try not to worry too much.

Everyone is different but when I had it done I was not up to driving afterwards, I felt a bit lightheaded and tired, but some women go back to work straight after the procedure. I would say to not drive then either way your covered.

All the best x

Thank u so much Francesca. I had the lletz procedure today it went grand just bit crampy after.