Feeling crappy 5 days post lletz

Hi all I had my lletz on Monday and went fine, wasn’t as bad I expected and I’ve been fantastic since, no bleeding and not too bad cramps. Day 1/2 discharge was gritty, 3/4 it’s been like a clear liquid but today it seems to have gone to a pink colour like watered down blood and really bad cramp.
To be totally honest I haven’t exactly been taking it easy but only because I felt fine. Do you think I’ve over done things or is the cycle of things normal??

Sounds like how I was... And still am 2.5 weeks later. Still No blood just discharge with a pink tinge now and then.  Not sure what will happen when period does arrive.  Considering I didn't have one when I was due at the time of the colposcopy I'm now a bit all over the place with dates. I know when the next one "should" be due though.