First period after LLETZ

Hi all,

This site has been an absolute god send for me over the last couple of months - it's so good to find people going through the same thing who understand you and say it like it is. It's crazy how much information you are given but yet they leave out so much that you could really do with being told - the amount of 'is X normal after LLETZ' that I've had to google is mad! I keep finding myself desperate to talk too someone to just moan or say oh my god this has started happening but its all a bit TMI to anyone not going through the same so thought i better sign up to here and actually join in rather than watching :) hope you are all doing good?

After 2 clear smears in the past, my recent one came back as CIN3 which was a shock. I had 2 biopsies taken in May and then both of them removed by LLETZ nearly 2 weeks ago. So far it's been a surprising recovery to say the least. I bled a lot after my smear and colposcopy so expected the same after the LLETZ, but as yet I haven't really bled at all. I had really watery discharge for a few days which was really, err, gushy (yuk!). That then turned to a pinky or orange colour ever since and I've been getting the black bits for the last 5 days along with kind of flesh coloured lumps/clots. I keep expecting the bleeding to kick in any moment but its definitely keeping me in suspense! I am very bloated, over emotional, moody and get shooting pains and cramps every now and again. Just very icky and self conscious. None of this is mentioned in the leaflets or info I was given by the doctor but seems to be thing that'll other people on here have gone through so I assume I'm normal :) It's annoying how it all just says "you might get x for a day or two" like its really makes you feel like a drama queen for not feeling right straight away! I'm so fed up already of not being able to have a bath and these pads are awful to be wearing non stop - hurry up the rest of my 4 weeks!!! 

I'm due on my normal period in the next couple of days which I'm quite nervous about as my leaflet says that it'll be a lot heavier than normal and mine are heavy as it is so no idea what to expect - is this what you all found? 

I had my colposcopy on Tuesday and I had the watery stuff too lol it was so weird like water!! Lol I've had a bath no soap but after a search on here I found a mixed opinion and thought 'no ones told me not too!' Best bath I've ever had and much needed too :-) I'm due on too any day now and I must admit I'm not looking forward to it! x

Hi Soph

I was really similar to you, bled during and after my smear and quite alot after biopsy, all of which got me in a bit of a state! However after my LLETZ I didnt bleed at all. However, when I did have my period it was more painful and heavier but nothing I couldnt deal with. Couple of painkillers and a hot water bottle and I was fine! I also had cramps for a couple of weeks afterwards but it all seemed ok after that.

Good luck with your results


Cat x 

My colposcopist said baths are fine but dont use any soap or anything! bathe away!!! xx