Can anyone recommend a good exercise to do? Baring in mind I have a really bad back and can’t walk a great distance and get tired easily - swimming is not my thing - also my ass is now that small I have to wear kids pants and my swimming costume is too big on my bum and foof area so I have to keep adjusting lol! Which is not fun plus I can’t deal with being cold - my feet turned blue last time I went swimming lol!

Hi Carmel 

my radiation dr really emphasized stretching my pelvic muscles to help post treatment pain and to aid in recovery. Look up stretches for pelvic region. Do not pull to much or the next day you will feel tender. Try to walk, even up the street and back. Start small and work your way up. Do not overdo it!! Because you do have back pain try some minor back stretches but again move slowly. 

I made the mistake of too much stretching one day and paid the price for three days of pain. 

After you feel you cannot stretch or walk anymore maybe look into yoga. ( just a thought) 

good luck. 

Hi Carmel :-)

I was given an exercise regime after I had a spinal disc removed donkey's years ago - too difficult to describe but basically quite a bit of yoga. I also thing that you can't beat going for walks as good overall exercise, especially for backs :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks ladies I was hoping to avoid yoga as I find it incredibly boring! i have an attention span of a fish when it comes to exersise lol! I do walk quiet a lot but I can't always walk far because of back ache im afraid - I've got a puppy/tigger (she's got a weird obsession with jumping and standing on her back legs jumping - don't ask) so I tend to try and walk her as much as I can....

there is a gym at the bottom of my street so I might see if they can help with muscle building for the back as I think they is part of a lot of my pain as I went from 13 stone to under 6 stone within a matter of month and lost a lot of muscle