So I’m now just over half way through my chemoradiation and will hopefully be finished with braccy in a month.
Trying to keep positive, am thinking about an exercise plan for once it’s over.
I’m hoping to get on a scheme where I cam get a cheap membership to a gym through the Dr. With me not earning I don’t really want to be paying out on it if I can help it. I thought it would be good to do some light weights to improve bone density.
I was also thinking about going back to bike riding. I thought it would be better than running because no pressure on the joints. Also be good to be out in the fresh air.
I just think a bit of a routine will help me keep my mind straight and a daily purpose (I’m not used to free time and got to say I’m struggling ).
Anyway, sorry for rambling…

Question is, how long has it taken you all to begin to feel up to exercising or is it once again something that I’ll just have to wait and see?

Hey, me again lol! I started to feel better about 6 weeks after I finished treatment so the 1st week of November. I have a lot more energy but I couldn't think about exercise now but thats me.

Swimming is meant to be good as it helps cushion the joints etc whilst in the water and helps build up quiet a few muscles. I am going start swimming once my bladder issue is sorted and I feel ok.

I think the doctor only gives gym memberships to obese people to help them loose weight as part of a scheme or somthing. It's worth asking though. I know that some gyms have a pay as you go and some are only from £10 a month

Thanks carmel. 

I think the Dr's do it for a range of health issues. My step dad got referred to a scheme because of heart trouble. I can only ask I suppose.

I've always done some form of exercise so am hoping to get started asap, even if it's just gentle walking for a while. I like swimming but I do have to force myself to ho and I get bored quickly with it. 

I suppose we'll have to see yet again.

Hi Philleepa :-)

To the best of my knowledge walking is good for bone density too. Are you much of a gardener? I have always managed to maintain a good level of fitness simply with a combination of walking, swimming, gardening and a spot of dancing when I'm happy :-) I've never been to a gym in my life :-)

I'm a terrible gardener. I must confess to getting bored of things very quickly. All my activities are short bursts of things  generally sports really. Running, bike riding but best of all playing rounders. My season starts in April and I'm so hoping I'll be ready to play. I do feel like I'd be able to play now but obviously I've got the rest of this week and next week to finish chemoradiation then my braccy plus recovery time so we'll see.

I'll just go to support if not and sit on the side lines crying cos I want to play :( :( :(



Rounders should be flippin' brilliant for bone density! And so much more fun than a gym! You are obviously far more energetic than I am!

Ach! Double-post again. The website is having a hard time today - must be some improvements being made in the engine room I think ;-)