Hi all, me again

To get over feeling like my worlds gonna end im gonna try focusing on getting fit. I want to lose weight and exercise more as i put alot of weight on after my op.
Just wanted to know how people started exercising post hyterectomy? Im currently back on my crutches so running/walking is not an option right now. Love to know what people did to get back to exercise or any suggestions on what i can start to do to get fitter. Big hugs xxxxxxxx

Hey Kirsty,

Firstly well done for making the decision to get cracking on fitness and weight.

I’m at an earlier stage of the journey but I did lose 4 stones over the last couple of years by following the Slimming World plan (other slimming clubs are available :wink: ). I am the last person I thought would join a slimming group but I found the structure of the healthy eating plan and the support of the other members made it a very manageable experience.

They also encourage you to build up your fitness gradually if you wish and there were several other people at my group who were recovering from surgery. It’s remarkable how motivating the promise of a certificate and a shiny sticker for each milestone can be! I’m comfort eating like there’s no tomorrow right now so I’m trying not to worry about a weight gain during all of this stress, but at least I know that I can lose it again when I am ready. So can you.

In terms of fitness, my advice is to find a form of exercise that you really enjoy and it take it steady. I’m not that keen on sport but normally do 4-6 hours of belly dancing each week instead and have done for nearly 10 years. Really sad that I won’t be up to it for quite a while after my operation, but one of my goals is to be back on stage this time next year, even if I’m just doing a basic little routine.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on x

Cheers sweet, just signed up to slimming world so cant wait to start seeing the results. Ill have to start having a little dance on my wii games i think cos at least if a fall over no one will see lol. Keep you posted xxxxx

Good for you deciding to get back to being fit and healthy :slight_smile: I too want to look forward and start living my life again.
I was going to fitness classes (Zumba/Bodycombat) for a year before my diagnosis and had just got fit. From May onwards when my hospital visits started I stopped visiting the gym and have done nothing and have also put on weight (did lots of comfort eating after diagnosis!). I had my hysterectomy late Sept and will probably start off this week doing some bits at home. I really don’t fancy bodycombat yet and will dust my wii off too, so any good advice for games would be appreciated! That way I can take things at my own pace. My hula hoop will probably make an apperance too but don’t want to burst any stitches!!!
I have a dodgy leg and the lack of exercise has made it worse as well as being very stiff and achey after the operation (possible nerve damage I guess?). So I do need to start exercising again but feel quite daunted.
Good luck with your neuropraxia, will exercise help?
Let us know how you get on.
Best wishes
Kirsty xxx

When I was getting back into things after surgery, I bought just dance 2 & 3 for my wii, they are so much fun and you can start at your own pace as the songs have an energy and difficulty level. Even more fun with a couple of friends and some wine :wink:

Good for you for getting on with things. I have made the desision that as of the 1st of January I am moving on to ‘new life street’ and I’m not looking back. Cancer will have had one year of my life, it’s not having anymore!