Post Hysterectomy Advice

Happy New Year ladies!

I wanted to share this site as it has helped me a lot after my op and even now.

I had an abdominal rad hyst back in March 13, and found the aftercare and advice to be minimal. The site above even has a video on how to go to the toilet to avoid straining after your operation!

I am only just walking distances up to 4 miles...I'm hoping to start gentle jogging soon. I eventually got referred to a physio who has been a total godsend in helping me to get mobile again. Try as I might I just couldn't get active myself, which is very frustrating when you are used to being sporty.

So with a new year ahead, a year in which I (hopefully!) don't have cancer I am looking forwards to getting active again.


A very happy new year to you too!  Let's hope it's a good one for us all.

Many thanks for the website address, I am definitely going to have a look.  I had my rad hyst (vertical) in October and have found mobility quite difficult at times.  I am not a sporty person but find it frustrating that I can't walk as much as I used to yet.  One of the main problems is lack of advice and not wanting to overdo things.

I go back to work on the 8th Jan and am hoping I don't feel a complete wreck!

Many thanks again. Xx

Hi Cheryl,

My main peice of advice is that you'll know when you are ready. It took my body a long, long time (like 8 months) to start to feel and act like mine again. My bowel is a bit sluggish still but the numbness has finally sibsided. I kept trying to do things but just felt so awful....then at about 8 months things started to feel better and look better.

I've got a lot of work to do, I've put on 2 stones and have zero fitness. But little things like just throwing a ball for 5 mins a day to my boyfriend are all helping. And lots of walking, swimming and pilates.

Do you have a phased return? I found it hard to go back, just being sat up was difficult but it does get better every week. Make sure you have a quiet place to go and chill out, it's pretty exhausting just walking round the office at first!

Good luck with it!




Hi Jo

You were right - that website is great and I got a lot of info and advice from it.

I have got a phased return, 2 afternoons the first week and 4 afternoons the second week with a view to going full time from 20th Jan.  However, my boss has agreed that I can cut back a bit if I'm struggling with that.  Luckily I have my own office with a very supportive chair but I have been used to sitting up all day at home and have been doing a bit of work on my laptop to keep occupied.  Another good thing is that hubby works at the same place so I have some strong support there.

I ran all this past the consultant on 13th Dec and he was fine with it.  Must admit I would be more than happy staying at home but don't think the lottery numbers will be coming up before next Wednesday!!

Had a few twinges and a bit of groin pain today and am feeling a bit tearful. Don't think it is helping that hubby goes back to work tomorrow after being off nearly 2 weeks.  I actually cried at midnight last night as I was so relieved that 2013 was over.

Let's hope we both have good times ahead, it's been a rough ride hasn't it.

Cheryl, xx

Hello there.  I have been wondering about going back to work too.  My HR dept., have been very supportive and are putting no pressure on me whatsoever to return and have stressed that when I do return that it wil be a phased return, gradually building it up until I can do full-time hours.  The more I think about going back to work - the less I want to.  I loved my work too, but I am torn because I've enjoyed so much family time since I've been off (since October 2012!). I'd like this to continue but if I'm working - I won't be able to see my family especially my extended family, as much.  

I've got this fear that IF the cancer returns, then I'll have wasted precious time back at work when I could have been spending it with my family.  My husband works and we no longer have  a mortgage to worry about so we could manage ok without me at work, it would mean less of the extras the wages from my job provided, holidays, weekends away etc.  My husband says I should try going back to work and if I really don't want to be there, then give it up.  Maybe that's the best plan.111111

Anyhow - here's to a better 2014 for us all.

Happy New Year All, God Bless


Hi Sharon

Can understand how you feel - I've only been off since 7th October 2013, loved my work too but really don't want to go back.  I luckily didn't need any chemo or radiotherapy but I ended up having a 2nd op on 25th Oct (the rad hyst was 8th Oct) to clear a collection/abscess/lymphocyst.  I was in hospital for 20 days for the 2nd op.

Unfortunately we still have a mortgage and need me to work for a bit longer yet so back to work I go!

I think that's a good plan for you to try it and then give it up if you don't want to be there.  You may find that you start enjoying it again.  Is there a possibility that you could return permanent part time?  That may be another option to consider as it would give you the best of both worlds.

Cheryl, xx

Happy New Year Ladies - thanks for the link Jo - very interesting. Good old Hystersisters is also worth dipping in to if you need a bit more supoprt.

Like you, I have found the longer term physical recovery quite difficult. I tried FooFoo Funclub for a while - it is a pelvic floor focused exercise programme and while I think the exercises were good, I don't think I was ready for quite such a 'full on' experience. Might suits others though

I feel very unfit and have gained weight too - I tried not to worry about it too much while I was in recovery phase but now that my anniversary is upon me Ithink I really need toget my act together. Of course, developing lyphmoedema has also slowed me down but I know I need to push on through. I have been doing belly dance for about 10 years and my teacher and dance friends keep encouraging me to get back to it but it is hard when your body won't do what you used to do with ease.  Got to persevere I suppose.

In terms of work, I also thought long and hard about whether I wanted to continue as I could have stepped back, but I decided that hard on the heels of major stress was a bad time to make a big decision like that. I have found that easing back into work has helped me focus on other things, get a routine going and get the cancer thing out of the foreground. I am very lucky to work somewhere very supportive and I do love my work, but it's definitely not as important to me as it was.  (mostly)

So goodbye 2013 and hello 2014. Let's hope its a good un for all of us. x



I'm not yet full time, I'm almost there but I find it really stressful just being at work. It's noisy and hot and all my friends have left so I am sat with strangers mostly. 


Before cancer came along I was almost moving on to another job, but I had to stay put due to really bad timing, which is a bitter pill to swallow most days!


At the moment I'm toying with the idea of dropping down to 3 days a week to allow me to get better. Work say it's fine for me to work from home, leave early etc but it all seems too much sometimes. My HR isn't great, she cancels meetings and doesn't keep them. I've tried brining up the heat (26 degrees at my desk) but she doesn't seem to care. I think I'm seen as a bit of a moaner now. Urgh!


But, life isn't just about work, and I don't want to waste time feeling awful in it. So hoping to reduce hours and get on a uni course in September and live my life!!


Take care ladies xxx

Thanks for that Jo, so don 't know what I can or can't do at this stage, 5 wks post op! Had some days were I really didn't like how it all feels now!!! Thank you & all the best  to all the other ladies xx