Exercise after lletz


I am due to have lletz treatment in a week and a half for high grade severe dyskaryosis. I have had this treatment 4 years ago. Firstly I am devastated because I was due to run a marathon in 5 weeks time and have trained so hard for it. I know I won't be doing any running for a few weeks after lletz. However I just cannot bear the thought of no exercise for 6 weeks! I love my running and go running at least 3 times a week.

Do any ladies know, after a couple of weeks from having treatment would I be able to do any light exercise. Perhaps cycling on the gym bike, or a very gentle Zumba class or pilates class? I know in the grand scheme of things not being able to exercise for a few weeks is a small sacrifice to make in order to have such important treatment done but I just feel so upset not being able to exercise as it's such an important part of my life.

Thankyou, Gemma :) 

Hiya Gemma,

I like yourself love running and I had my lletz treatment done 3 weeks ago this Thursday. When I asked about running I was told at least 4 weeks as they had to go deeper and take a bigger chunk away. It is driving me crazy as I run at least 3 times a week.  I know as you said the treatment takes priority but I am gutted for you after all that training for your marathon.

It is different for everyone but I went for a few longer walks last week and it was too much for me as had cramps in my stomach and internally.

I am also still bleeding

I would just see how you feel as we all recover differently. Just don't overdo it. I am finding it very frustrating not being able to run!!!


Hope you recover very quickly. 

Claire xxx

Hi Claire 

Thankyou so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. 

It's so frustrating just the thought of not running but it's not forever and I guess there will be other marathons. The last thing I want to do Is run and then slow down my recovery time from the lletz. 

It's so rubbish having to go through this. I had lletz 4 years ago but I wasn't very active then. 

I hope you also are fully recovered soon and thank you again 

Gemma xxx

Hiya Gemma, I cannot imagine how gutted you feel about the marathon as I ran London a few years ago. The priority as you said is to get you sorted and you will be even more forcused and determined to train and smash a different marathon. 

Here's to us both been giving  the all clear and back running again asap.


Claire x


Aww ladies in the exact same.

I recently only got back into the gym and really enjoyed going and now I'm out due to Lletz. 

I feel so silly being down about not being able to go compared to the situations other people are in but now I find myself just sitting around eating.... I'm 2 weeks down so 4 to go then hopefully depending on the outcome I'll be back at it. 

Let's all pray we get the outcomes were hoping for. 

Thank you Ladies

Well done Claire for your marathon. I said to my friend today the marathon i was signed up for ( brighton ) at least it isnt London. Because then I would be even more gutted as its so difficult to get a place, at least with Brighton I can defer until next year.

Wishing you both a speedy recovery and hope you have your trainers back on soon.

P.s Christina I know what you mean about eating! I have a feeling that I will be sitting around alot and eating too haha.

Take care xxxx 

Hiya Gemma and Christina it is nice to know I am not the only bonkers one thinking about not being able able to  to exercise.


Thank you Gemma next year you will run Brighton and you will smash It!!!

All I have done is EAT too!!!!

Not used to having time on my hands.  3 weeks tmrw for me think I have my period now which is very very very heavy with lots  of gunk. Hoping when the bleeding stops I will be able to at least start power walking and then maybe a very slow run.  


Lots of positive thoughts  for you both ladies.


Claire xx

Thank you Claire. Im going to hit the dreaded defer button to defer Brighton marthon today. I keep putting it off but my boyfriend said just defer it today so that next week when i have my lletz, it will have sunk in more.

3 weeks in, fingers crossed for you that after a week you will be able to run again :) not long to go! Hopefully after your period, you will find that it stops.

I have a coil fitted so im guessing they might have to remove mine for lletz on Monday which is a pain :(

Positive thoughts to you both too xx