Exercise after LLETZ

I am reading conflicting information on exercising after LLETZ, and its making me miserable. 

I normally train every day. I run 5 times a week, weight train (barbell, etc) 3 times a week and do some other cross training. I had my colposcopy and treatment on Thursday. I havent really had any pain. I am now bleeding, but I was taking norethisterone for my appointment so it may be a withdrawl bleed. Plus I have been bleeding since December anyway, because I had a new implant in. These things combined mean Im not going to be able to wait for the bleeding to stop to know when to exercise- as the leaflet suggests. I asked at my appointment and was told 2 weeks (I said I run and weight train). But I am now reading some people wait 4+ weeks! I use exercise to help me manage my depression and anxiety, and am already finding it tough. This is the worst part of the process from the smear onwards. 

What is the reason for waiting 2 weeks, if I am not in pain, and not bleeding much, can I do some light exercise (i.e. 30 min jog?). I am having to walk a couple hours a day with the dog anyway, and am on my feet 8 hours a day with work, so figure it isnt that much more stressful? I can understand waiting the full 2 weeks for weights- and maybe coming back slowly to that over an extra couple weeks....




I know what you mean about exercise. I run 4 times a week and was due to run a marathon in April. I am booked in for lletz tomorrow, it's the second time I have had lletz. 

I also have been told conflicting information from doctors and nurses but I decided to listen to what other girls who have lletz say and deferred my marathon (which was absolutely broke my heart).

I'm going to wait for 3 weeks before returning to light jogging. But I'm hoping I can perhaps do very gentle work at the gym before then, perhaps gentle cycling or very gentle and slow on the cross trainer and some up hill walking. I think it depends on your body and how you feel. I know it's hard but I really would try to wait the 2 weeks minimum until you get back to your running so you have some recovery time. 

Really hope you recover soon and wishing you the best