Exercise after lletz and also not bleeding?


So it's almost 2 weeks since lletz and hardly any bleeding, just the tiniest amount, but I am getting the brown discharge Urgh sorry for graphic details. I just wondered is it normal not to be bleeding? I had lletz 4 years ago and bled from day 2, non stop for 4 weeks so I am very surprised.

I love exercising. I have managed some very gentle work outs but I really want to get back to my running which I normally do 3 times a week. I honestly feel fine but want to be careful. Would it be OK to do a very gentle run? Start indoors on the treadmill rather than going out side.

Any advice is welcome  

Thanks,  Gem xx

Hi Gem,

i feel the same as you, I had lletz on Monday following my first smear coming back as CIN2. I’ve had no period pain as the nurses advised, and have had very minimal discharge (to the point where a pad isn’t really needed. I’ve been avoide exercise but feel like I’m fine. appreciate I am only 3 days post treatment but I thought I’d have something happen by now!



Im going through exactly the same thing! im 3 days post lletz with no bleeding, just the brown stuff! Think I’m going to give a light run a try after work today and see how I feel. 

Also experiencing a lot of bloating. Is this normal After lletz?


Hi ladies, Im nearly 2 weeks in now, i had the tiniest bit of bleeding but not like how many ladies are describing. I did get a little bloated after the lletz the first few days like how I get during my period.

Yesterday I managed 25 minutes gentle run on the treadmill and felt fine. Still no bleeding today so I'm going to do 2 gentle laps run of the local park and stop if I get cramps or anything. 

I'm such an active person it's killing me not doing my normal running. 

I hope you both are able to carry on as normal with your exercise.xx

NJ how did your run go last night? Xx