Bleeding and exercise post LLETZ

Hi all,

I'm new here and am really looking for some reassurance. I had my LLETZ procedure 3 weeks ago after my colposcopy results showed CIN 3.

On Friday (over 2 weeks after treatment), I started getting heavy bleeding which is definitely not my period as I have continued taking my pill without a break. It has now been 5 days with this bleeding and I'm worried something isn't right. I did go to the gym last week and I'm worried if this has made things worse. I know my doctor won't be able to do anything about it without examining me, I don't even know if he can examine me if I'm bleeding.

Does this seem normal? I don't know whether to go to the hospital and get it checked out as I'm worrying it may be a sign of something more serious.

I've already had antibiotics for an infection about a week after LLETZ and that seems to have gone, now it's just the bleeding :(

Any help/comments would really put my mind at ease.

Thank you


Hi Lucy,

I had my LLETZ 3 weeks ago today, i was bleeding heavily from the start and only just started to ease now! It could be down to the gym but also in the leaflet they give it does say that you will experience bleeding after a couple of weeks, it shouldnt be heavily really but every women is different. I would advise not to gym or do any form of exercise for a couple more weeks just to make sure the wound has heeled properly and if you can just go home and put your feet up for a few days, i did help me quite a bit when i was bleeding heavily.  It could be a period i know you havent taken a break between the pills but sometimes you body just needs to flush itself out. Give it a few days and if it still hasnt stopped then go to the doctors.

Trudy xx