Every little thing!

Every little thing is going to cause us big worries I’m sure (or is it just me).
I was playing rounders last night and hurt my finger.
Cut a long story short, I went to A&E this morning, had an X-Ray, sat in the waiting room where one of the Dr’s came out with the X-Ray lady to look at me and said 'yes there’s a bulge ’
Well that was me gone, I presumed that I had a cancerous lump in my finger!!! The rational part of me was saying no, don’t be silly but the neurotic side of me was saying it’s spread.
Turns out I’ve fractured my finger and the bulge was the split bone sticking up.

Please tell me I’m not the only neurotic lunatic!

Nope! :-) For probably a couple of years I expect you will find yourself turning to 'Cancer' as the default diagnosis for everything. Even my husband does! Never heard of cancer metastasising to the other person in the house but he'd say 'there's a first time for everything'

Be lucky :-)

Oh Philleepa painful and it will put you out of action for a while I hope it mends quickly. I totally understand your concern as i find myself thinking the same thougths with every ache or pain. I am constantly having to have words with myself your not on your own. I think we will feel this way for a while I hope it passes quickly for us all so we can get on with life  big hugs xx

I think im massively in denial, im already pretending like nothing has even happened.

A collegue (in another building) asked me if i had a nice holiday. I just went along with it haha it was easier than having to explain everything which is strange as ive always been so open about it.

I hope your finger mends quickly and it isnt too painful for you! x

I’m just the same, despite my very good news last week I’m still worrying. I have aches and pains that come and go and these panic me although I have spoken to my Macmillan nurse and she said these are normal after the treatment so try not to worry.

I find it hard sometimes with the fact that this will be with me for the rest of my life and I find that difficult. Does it ever get any easier to deal with?

Mel xx

Hope your finger heels quickly...I think we'll all be paranoid for a very long time to come.

Take care x

Thanks everyone x glad it's not just me (selfish I know!) 

Does everyone feel a bit bloated sometimes? 

Yes Mellie it does! :-) About two years along the road you start believing that that was in the past, it's over with and you can begin to move forward again :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Phileepa some days im skinny and some days i cant see my feet lol My stomach rumbles terrible, when i go back to work I go to lots of meetings each person talks in turn so I will just have to let my stomach do the talking. Have you tried Peppermint Tea? xx