Great results from MRI

Hi Ladies

Well got the results today from MRI.The tumour has shrunk down to the size of a little finger nail,which

the consultant thinks is just scar tissue.Smile

The pain in my back and hips is from inflammation in my bones from the radiotherapy.The pain in my tummy

is from inflammation of the intestines.....Radiotherapy,great for cancer crap for everything else.Frown

Everybody I know is made up for me,(my husband can finally breath bless him)but I feel really strange,like I have been going

through the motions and now I am left with all these things to get my head round.....Fat,pain,hotflushes,emotions,lack of energy etc!!

So glad I can talk to you all.People that understand the rollercoaster ride that is CC.

Going back in 3months for another MRI.

Finding it hard to read my body now,and that worries me......

Becky x

Thats great news...... So happy for you......

I fully understand the feeling of not knowing your own body .... I also have 'worries' here.... Just hoping that it gets better with time

Enjoy your good news


Thanks Tracey,

Have you heard anything regarding your surgery yet?Sorry I don't know anything about it,but I

am sure there will be someone on here that does.


Becky X

Hi Becky

Thanks, I haven't heard anything yet.  I have only just finished my treatments and have my four week review in 10 days time so will discuss it with the oncologist then.  I am waiting for my appointment with the G. Consultant...  Its the waiting Im not good at !!!

Good news is that now I  am through with my treatment (for now at least) hopefully I can help others who are just about to embark on theirs.....  For me the advice and experiences of others on the forum really helped me.....

Take care and enjoy your good news......



Brilliant news that the tumour has shrunk so much.  Its such a strange feeling when we are given good news - so pleased but not able to fully enjoy it with all the other problems and emotions going on.

Know what you mean about not being able to read your own body - I asked my GP last week what I should be aware of now as I certainly wasn't aware of anything before I was diagnosed.

Hopefully you will start feeling better very soon both physically and mentally.


Thanks Cheryl,

Just going to go on the fact,they are keeping an eye on me so enjoy life and not having to have

anymore hospital trips for awhile.


Becky x


some great news - congratulations.

really this is such a great story for us all to read but more importantly for you, to beat CC twice!



Thanks Pat,

Thats the good thing about this site.You get the good news aswell as the bad.

Looking forward to more good news with my next MRI in June.

Becky x