Just a little update children mentioned

Hi ladies hope you are all doing well. I have seen my consultant this month he said everything's going fine but I will have to wait till January for an MRI and the results from that will be another 2 weeks after that so as you may all imagine I am going stir crazy thinking and worrying constantly! The good thing is Christmas is here and having four beautiful adorable spoilt children it takes my mind off it a lot. (Did you note the sarcasm) they are good really! But anyway things are looking up with the ex husband, we have decided to move in together so he can help me with the children. He is a good man and it takes a lot of pressure off me having to do everything. 

since radio finished I have not had any pain, I've had the odd few water infections but nothing serious I'm hoping these are good signs. 

I also understand this May upset a few people as it has with my family but I have excepted what's happening to me and know my diagnosis isn't good, I know we all talk about always keep positive but what about not living in denial? I know what I have and at what stage and I've accepted it is what it is! I went to the funeral of a very dear friend this week who had a very rare form of cancer (not cervical) only 52 and I believe if it's going to take you then you have no say or choice over it! I'm not being negative and I don't mean to scare aby one of you but as we say we are all different on how we cope with things and I believe me facing my demons is the way I have learnt to cope with it! Don't get me wrong I'm not giving up the fight I've got my babies to think about 

Hi Carson, I read your post and I didn't want to not comment! Your look on life is inspiring and I am glad you are looking at the positive side of things - that's what life is about right?! Life is to be lived and it is to be lived to it's fullest! Sounds to me like you're doing exactly that and what a breath of fresh air it is to hear! I am sure you will also inspire other young ladies who may be going through the same thing. I do truly believe life is what you make it.. Every single persons days are numbered in this world, it's just up to us to make sure that we fulfil it and make the absolute most out of it!!! I loved reading your post! I really wish you all the best :) have a wonderful Christmas with your family :) I know that I haven't experienced anything close to what you have, but I cherish everyday. Take care xxx

Hello there!  Good to read your post and to hear form you again.  Your post is very frank but I'd say realistic.  Only when you're hit with the stage of your cancer diagnosis can you accept what may lie ahead for you.  It's on my mind every day.  I'm glad you're feeling ok (ish) these days and hope that continues.  Hope to hear from you again soon.

best wishes



good to hear from you and that you're hanging in there as best you can