Embarrassing question... Tmi alert !

Firstly I'm extremely embarrassed to write this however I'm feeling very nervous

I've been reading this forum daily and appreciate the guidance & knowledge
My story: 
I for a long while have pelvic pains & extreme swelling ( but could be diet not cervix?) I bleed after most sexual intercourse & in past 9/12 months I bleed even after masterbation, with no penetration whatsoever. Sometimes it's red fresh , others its old brown. i sometimes have large heavy bleeds that are not my cycle.  
I have been in & out of drs for long time for this but never got anywhere. 
Had a routine smear which came back borderline abnormal cells.
Had lletz in which nothing strange was seen but took sample & burnt a lot away.
Now I am waiting :-(
Basically my main question is has anyone else had bleeding from even just stimulation? 
Sorry for personal question but I'd rather know what I am dealing with as driving myself mad. I would massively appreciate feedback

Hi Jane, unfortunately I can't help you personally with the bleeding but a friend of mine who had the LLETz treatment last year did bleed almost every time after intercourse and has since had the treatment after being advised her smear came back CIN3. She has since had a clear smear and all seems well thank God. When are you due your results? Please let us know how you get on? Hopefully the treatment will resolve all of that for you now. X


You've mentioned bleeding and I just wondered if you tend to have any problems with your periods at all? Sometimes when there has been/is an abnormality the first thought can be that, but other things can cause bleeding too.

I've had abnormalities for 4 years but long before that I would have dreadful problems with heavy bleeding, random bleeding etc. I had some gynae investigations for that, then they put me on the mini pill which has stopped my periods (bliss!) and on the whole the bleeding. 

I do occasionally have the odd random bleed, including old blood, I'm not in a relationship at the moment so don't know if I'd bleed after sex. What I get a lot of is random cramps. One of my friends sometimes bleeds after sex yet has never had an abnormal smear but has endometriosis. So there can be other reasons, it's just a case of finding that reason.

If you ever do have problems with your periods it may be worth seeing if you can get a gynae referral. If the LLETZ removed everything and there is no CIN in the sample, it might still be worth seeing your GP and explainign what youve said, just in case there is another explanation. 

Hope this helps, I wish you well. 

Have you checked out symptoms or adeomoysis and enometrosis

See link 

You might need a laproscopy to see for certain. How bad is the pain and when ? Has it got worse ?  I ve just had a hysterctomy fo Adeomyosis so private message me if you want to talk further.

It sounds very similar




Thank you all for replying!
I get my results within the month.
I've had a look at your link which is really interesting, my symptoms seem more alike that than cervical cancer. I have had almost all those symptoms including rapid weight gain around my stomach which is opposite to cancer. 
This does remind me that there are lots of things this could be so thank you for that. 
So fingers crossed these results come back ok then il press for more investigation, il let you know! 
Good luck to you ladies also, appreciate it. 
Kind regards

Hi Jane,

I suffer from exactly the same thing! When I raised the question with my gynae consultant he told me it was a factor and a symptom of many of the gynae conditions that I suffer with but mainly a side affect e from my endometreosis and the fact that I have Uterine Cervical Stenosis ( a narrow cervix basically).

its probably worth having a word with your gynae to see what he/she can suggest :)

all the best!

Fi xx