Bleeding after sex 2 years after Lletz

Hi all,

It’s been nearly 2 years since I last posted after a successful lletz treatment for CIN3 at age 25.

In the past few months I’ve been experiencing changes to my period, they’ve been 7+ days, very painful and heavy at times. the past few times after sex I’ve been bled with slight cramping. I’ve got an appointment for the Dr next week, and am feeling a bit anxious about it.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Could these be symptoms of reoccurring CIN?

I did have cervical ectropion at my 6 month follow up smear at the hospital, so I came off the pill to try and clear that up so I don’t think that would be it.

Any reassurance, advice or personal experience stories are welcome!




I've had similar experience. CIN3 removed 3 years ago and recently had some abnormal bleeding. 

It is normal to panic and think the worst but if you had CIN3 cells removed then everything should be fine as they know what they are doing and would have monitored you more closely (more regular smears etc) if they were worried.

It's definitely good to see the doctors - ask them to do an internal pelvic exam so that they can refer you to a colposcopy if they think it's necessary, rather than doing a smear and waiting for the results and then another referral etc.

My doctor did say bleeding could be caused by treatment to abnormal cells even years later, and there are a lot of non scary reasons which could cause you to bleed so don't panic, just get checked by the doctor :)