Bleeding after sex almost 3 months after colposcopy


I had my first smear last year at 25 and had abnormal results. After a colposcopy I was told I had CIN2. I then had the lletz treatment. This was in September 2014. I had my smear 6 months later in February this year. The results again came back abnormal. When I went for my colposcopy in early March, the nurse told me that results may have been abnormal due to inflammation from the lletz treatment. During the colposcopy she showed me my cervix on the screen where there was a bright red patch which showed that it was still inflamed. They took a biopsy of the cervix and sent it off and eventually I found out that everything was fine and have gone back to 3-yearly smears. After this last colposcopy I waited just over 2 weeks to have sex, the recommended time, and everything seemed to be fine. However I started to notice after sex just a few spots of a very pinky coloured blood on the tissue. I put this down to the area that the biopsy was taken from still being sore and kept waiting a few days in between sex to give it more time to heal. It has now been nearly 3 months since the colposcopy and this is still happening, every time I have sex there are just a few dots of light coloured blood on the tissue. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Is it something that will eventually stop or should I be going to see my doctor about it? This never happened before the colposcopy so I assume it must be something to do with this. Any help would be really appreciated. :) Thanks, Emily

Hi Emily, 

I am in a slightly similar position. Haven't had LLETZ yet, but biopsy taken on 29th April confirmed CIN2. Sorry in advance for TMI and insight into my sex life but I'm not sure how else to relate! But I waited a week after the biopsy/colposcopy to have sex - consultant said 5 days to me, not two weeks! This first time definitely disturbed something, as I recall there being a slight "pinch" sensation and some fresh blood afterwards, so presumably the scab was damaged. Since last Saturday, I've had a bit of spotting after sex - noticed a very slight pinky discharge on Saturday, then again on Monday and a little spotting since then...however, I've come on my period proper today so I have put all of this down to a few things - definite abnormality, stress, biopsy area perhaps still healing (especially if I did the deed too quickly). 

As my LLETZ is booked in week after next, I am not too concerned - especially as I have had no abnormal bleeding prior to this month (none that I've noticed at least) - so I'm just planning to pick the consultant's brains at the appointment and focus on being treated! Saying this, mine is just a month and there's all sorts I can attribute the bleeding to. 3 seems like quite a while for just a punch biopsy to heal, so I'd give the docs a shout, just for peace of mind and to try and get it sorted - bleeding gets annoying fast :)


Emma x 

It seems like everyone is given different info after colposcopy! I had LLETZ done a week ago and was told NOT to have sex for 4 weeks minimum and if I was still bleeding (and she said I was likely to bleed for around 6 weeks) then to leave it til it had stopped as that meant I was still not healed!!! xx

Hi, I was given the same information following my LLETZ and didn't have sex for about 4 weeks after that. In my original post it was waiting two weeks after the colposcopy and biopsy, not after the LLETZ. I think 4 weeks is the average time, but obviously everyone will heal differently. I stopped bleeding about 2-3 weeks after LLETZ but waited 4 weeks just to be sure. Xx