Bleeding again 3 months after - please help

I had LLETZ for CIN2 in may.

Recently I've been bleeding again after sex and so worried.


Prior to my treatment I would get very light bleeding after sex would usually be about a day after.  This time it's happening DURING sex and it's bright red blood.


Any idea what it would be? Can my cells grow back after 3 months?



I had my letz for cin 2 in May aswell. And I am still bleeding after sex too which is really scaring me. I went for swabs last week to see if I had an infection or anything but it came back clear.(I do have hpv). Horrible isn't it x

Hi. I've just recently posted about the exact same problem. Although I had cold coagulation treatment (similar to lletz) the bleeding has started again. I'm at my gp on Wednesday to see if they'll refer me back to colposcopy. Just wondering how you got on - did you get further advice or investigations From your GP.