personal question?

Hi everyone... I am looking for some advice as i not gettin any answers off my docs, in short i had high grade changes in feb this yr. I had lletz on the 15th march, all was well and never really had much blleeding afterwards and when i did it lasted about a week. But about two wks ago i started bleeding but was only light and was more a brown color, this went on for about five days so i wenr to docs to get checked and they took swabs to make sure i never had a infection through the lletz, but i didnt think i had an infection as it had been about seven wks since i had the lletz but she had to check, my swabs came bk clear.. The bleeding has now stoped ...

But i need advice on a personal thing, as i had sex last night with my partner ( of ten yrs) and after wards i went to the toliet and i was bleeding again not much and it was a light red color and was only wen i wiped my self everytime i had a wee it was there, i got up today and its stoped, but i am thinking was it caused by me having sex or something else. But it justs seems strange that it started after sex and now its stoped today. 

my question is, that is it still posible that i am still healing from the lletz even after nine wks and by having sex thats what has caused me to bleed a bit afterwards. Or could it be something else.  I am thinking of going bk to docs again but they said after the swabs it must be hormonal... as i dont have periods not had one over a yr now due to the pill i take.

Has anybody had this befor thanks for reading. 

love sky. x x x 

Hi sky, it can take quite a while for the cervix to heal properly after lletz, it seems to be one of those things that doctors seem very reluctant to either tell us ladies that it might happen or accept at all in some cases. Personally I never had abnormal bleeding before my treatment started and to begin with seemed to heal well but after a couple of months I started with a bit of random spotting, mostly up to a day or two after sex . Eventually I was bleeding every time we had sex and sometimes it was quite a lot, I'm a big wuss when it comes to being examined so I was reluctant to go to my gp and as my 6 month check up was almost due I just waited until then to get checked out. It turned out that my problems were caused by an ectropian, where the cells of the cervical canal protrude out onto the surface of the cervix, as these cells are more fragile they often bleed on contact, it used to be called cervical erosion and is more bothersome than anything to worry about. I have never suffered with this before and wondered if it was as a result of the lletz.

I did a LOT of reading around and it seems it is quite common after treatment, it also seems that the cervix can take up to 18 months to fully heal. Obviously this isnt the case for the majority but it hacks me off that doctors dont fully disclose all this information. I can understand that they my worry it could put women off getting treatment but I am one of those that likes to be fully informed.

Now I am not saying that this is what is causing your bleeding just thought it might make you feel a bit better knowing you are not on your own,I had a cautery with silver nitrate and it is much better now, ready for round 2 of treatment!

if it something that is worrying you though you should always seek proper medical advice.



Hi niki, thanks for your reply.  It has really helped me to realise like you have said that all my bleedng issues didnt start till after my lletz treatment. But sometimes i just get that scared feeling bk when i do bleed, as i am not use to it.  And i do feel like you said that docs just seem to brush things off, and i just think i leave sometimes and still not have a answear to what i went in for. And i do belive that everyone is different in healing, i just wish that docs could explain that, as i was told four to six wks. 

How are you doing niki, i see you are in on 22nd tuesday for you treatment again, how you feeling about it. Hope all goes well for you. And thanks again for your reply, it really helps to talk with someone who is going through it aswell.

Let us know how you get on. love sky x x x 

To be honest I cant wait to have the op, feel like a bit of a time bomb and just really want the cells out of my body. Donk get me wrong I'm petrified about actually having it done, I dont have a great history with anesthetics and there was lots of concerned face pulling from my pre op nurse when she took my history. Just keep telling myself I will be fine.

Its the emotional aspect that I have been struggling with and the fact that it will mean the end of my fertility, not that I was planning on having more with 4 kids and 3 grandkids I had no intention of having another baby, but having that option taken away from me has kind of got to me. Reading other womens experiences on here though has made me realise that its perfectly normal to feel like this.

Ive got everything crossed that they will be able to catch everything this time :) and I will deffo let you know how I get on.

Do you think you will go back to the docs or just give yourself a bit more time to heal, you could always ring the nurses at the colp clinic and ask for some advice, mine have been great at putting my mind at ease and have given me the best and most honest information so far.



hi niki, The feeling you are feeling are totally normal.. I feel like this has changed me, its funny but i just dont feel like that care free woman i once was. It has made me worry over every health issue i have, its silly how our brain works when it in over drive. I hope your treatment goes well and they get it all, try and thinkl positive even though i know how hard that can be. Its alot to take in when you have something taken away from you, and it doesnt matter how old you are or how many kids you have, this does not change how we feel.

I am going to wait a bit i think, your reply really helped me, and made me think just give it a bit more time. And if i do worry again i will go bk to docs, or ring colop up like you said i never thought of that.

Big thanks again hun. Best off luck. love sky x x x