Elective hysterectomy after cervical cancer excision

My ex-wife and mother of my two small children told me two days ago she was diagnosed with cervical cancer from a PAP test. Five weeks back she told me she was going to have “minor surgery” and was back to normal within a day. Two days ago she told me she has undergone excision surgery in which they removed all of the cancerous cells, which were at an early stage, and that she is scheduled for a hysterectomy, by laparoscopy, in the next few weeks, “just to make sure” since she has no need for the womb as she does not intend to have any more children. She is 47 years old and had polycystic ovary syndrome in the past. I am asking because from the little I have read, her version does not completely make sense to me and I want to ascertain the risks in the case that I will have to look after my children alone, especially in view of my own health condition. For example, of the cancerous cells were indeed removed then why have an elective hysterectomy up to 2 months later, and if so why by laparoscopy? This is all the information I have and would appreciate if some light could be shed on the situation.