Hysterectomy, help!

Hi Ladies
Just wondering if anyone can give any advice on deciding about having a hysterectomy.
For context I had cervical cancer that has been removed entirely following 2 lletz procedures.
I had my follow up appointment yesterday and have been offered more regular smears or a hysterectomy by keyhole surgery. Removing my womb and cervix but leaving my ovaries.
I had adenocarcinoma and have been advised there is a risk of it returning and further a risk of it even being identified during the smears due to all of the scarred tissue and cells from the lletz.
On the other hand I am a single parent to a 4 year old boy and massively worry about the impact of having this type of surgery.
Any advice?? X

Hi Anna
I am in a similar position in terms of diagnosis but with teenage children. I have opted to have surgery and am going in on Thursday 2nd Feb for the op. I am 42 so have opted to have my ovaries removed too. I can’t therefore tell you much now, but will happily let you know how I get on. Best of luck with making your decision x

Hi thank you for your message and good kick with your operation. Hope all goes well for you x

Hi @Anna1

Sorry to find you here but this forum is so beneficial in trying to ease any fears or just have a general chat.

Theres another thread that might be of some help in respect of hysterectomies which i hope the link works below:


I had/have adenocarcinoma mixed with neuroendrocrine large cell carcinoma. I was also told the risk of recurrence is higher for the adenocarcinoma but moreso for the large cell carcinoma and as such i am currently being treated with adjuvant chemo to reduce the risk of recurrence. My tumour was successfully removed by an abdominal hysterectomy but i opted to have the chemo as i have small children and wanted to make sure i gave it everything.

My experience is on the link above if you want to have a read through and if you have any questions please come back to me

Sending hugs x

Hi Anna
Just an update a week in
The op went ok- got home the next day, although was really struggling with mobility and walking around the house was manageable but not easy. The past few days have been better, but constipated as a result of the painkillers initially, and now stitches are incredibly itchy and irritating. I have been able to make small snacks and out washing away, but certainly couldn’t have made a meal or sorted very much out in the house. My kids are teenagers so they have been a great help in terms of lifting things and cooking etc- not sure how this would be with a 4 year old, definitely think you would need to have help. Or maybe I could have done more than I have, but haven’t needed to push it to find out?!
Hope this helps- it’s hard to know how the surgery will affect any of us as guess we are all different. I had ovaries removed, so that’s also added some complexity in terms of mood and irritability!

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