Adenocarcinoma Cancer Diagnosis

Hi ladies, I’ve been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma 1a1. They have called this morning with the MRI results to say they can’t see any mass so think they managed to get it all with the LLETZ procedure I had done 5 weeks ago. I have to go back for another and they have said if anything shows up on the results after that, they will book me in for a hysterectomy. Has anyone had a similar experience? Whilst I’m relieved with the results, I’m also really apprehensive about reoccurrence. Does anyone know what the likelihood is of this?
I must add, I have 2 children and we have very much completed our family so the possibility of a hysterectomy doesn’t worry me at all. I also suffer with anxiety so feel like the worry of reoccurrence is going to drive me insane.
Thank you for reading x

Hello so sorry for your results, but is really good that they think is all out and just another Lletz to make sure should be enough, you are definitely going to be monitored very closely and if anything else comes up you will have the chance to go for Hysterectomy quickly enough so I wouldn’t worry about it not being the first action taken they won’t take any risks at all so if they were not sure they will not be recommending this.
Also Hysterectomy is not a 100 % solution, it is for cervical cancer but not for vaginal or vulvar cancer that is also from HPV much much lower possibility of it happening but not impossible.
If you become HPV negative you will have a 0 chance of any reocurrence happening.
But of course is your body and you have to be in control if you feel very strongly about having the Hysterectomy then definitely let the doctors know I am sure they will consider it. Take care and good luck.

Thank you for your reply! I think the main concern I have is the type of cancer it is and I have read about how unpredictable it can be and also about skip lesions too which worries me. I absolutely understand why the consultant would want to take the least invasive treatment to tackle it. It’s more because I know I am done with having children and want to remain fit and healthy to be around for them that I feel like a hysterectomy would be a better option in the long run. However, I appreciate for the stage and grade of cancer this might seem extreme. It’s been a lot to try and process in the space of 3 days and I’m trying to get my head around everything xx

Hello Looby09 , my situation is different from yours I was not diagnosed with CC but CIN3 and CGIN.
I was given the option of Hysterectomy because of the CGIN and the fact that I also had my kids but I also had the option of close monitoring for 2 years every 6 months and then yearly for 10 years, at first I just wanted Hysterectomy but after I took the monitoring option. Thinking if I later need one I will just get it.
I understand your situation is more difficult than mine and I really hope you can find the best way to tackle it. Take care