Early Smear Test? (if family history of abnormalities)

Hi Everyone,

I'm booked in for a cone bioposy next week following abnormal smear test result showing severe changes in the glandular cells. My previous smear test (3.5 - 4 years ago) was fine, so this result has been a big shock to me.

My younger sister has just turned 24, so won't be eligible for a smear test for another year but I was wondering if she would be able to ask for one now on the basis that I have severe abnormalities - or do they not take this into account?

The reason why I'm asking is that in the last couple of years she has been having really heavy periods and some bleeding between periods. Between my last normal smear and the abnormal result, the only change I can think of is that I have also been having really heavy periods. So far our GP has kind of dismissed these symptoms as being "hormonal changes" and asking her to wait and see what happens, but now I wonder if it would be more sensible for her to get checked out.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dasha x

Hi Dasha,

My medical team told me that there is no evidence of a genetic link for cervical cancer so I don't think your sister would be at any greater risk because of your situation. However, as she has some symptoms that are a concern to her, I think she should definitely keep a diary of them and keep raising them with her GP if they continue.

By the way, the NHS are very clear about why they start routine screening at 25, and although there are several women on here who have been diagnosed with problems at a very young age, I think it kind of makes sense. http://www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk/cervical/faq08.html 

Good luck with your treatment, hope it all goes well. x