Gynecologist referral

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site, I stumbled across it after trying to do some research. I'm 22 years old and have had abnormal bleeding for quite a while so I finally had the courage to see my GP. She carried out an examination and did some swabs (I don't know what the swabs were for) but during the examination she said she could see cells in my cervix? So has referred me to the gynecologist, which I have next week. I feel silly for not asking questions at the time, but I also felt silly at the time for asking questions if that makes sense? Can anyone give me advise on what they think will happen next please? There is a history of cervical cancer in my family and at 22 i'm terrified! Sorry if I didn't post this in the right section! Any answers will be of use. Thank you in advance.


Hello, you've posted in the right place don't worry, bless you. First of all cervical cancer is caused by the HPV virus, this is transmitted through sex, it is not a genetic condition so don't worry too much about family history (I mean that in a nice way). At your appointment I'm guessing that you will have a colposcopy that is where the doc will look at your cervix using a microscope type camera, they will take a biopsy from your affected part of the cervix and then they will treat you depending on the result. They may offer you treatment that day if the cells are clearly visible to the gp who did the smear. treatments they can do is a lletz or a cone biopsy. This will then also be sent to be tested. I hope your appointment goes ok, stick to this site tho please and do not google because 80% of google is !@&! lol good luck xxxxxxx

Thank you so much! Both my partner and I did the silly thing of getting straight onto Google. He did an immediate diagnosis of cancer, and whilst it's my fear, I did try to explain to him that abnormalities don't automatically mean cancer in the majority of cases, bless him. I feel a little happier now I know roughly what will happen. I should have asked more questions at the GP but felt so silly at the time. Thank you for replying and being so straight forward. It'll make the wait til next Tuesday a lot easier. Really impressed at how quickly I have been referred though, I had my first examination two weeks ago and I've already made my appointment at the hospital. Thanks again! I'll post back here when I know whats going on :-) xxx

Hi I'm new and this is my first post so again apologies if it isn't in the right place. I to recently when to my doctor as I have had irregular bleeding for well over a year now. I know it's a very long time but I was optimistic in thinking if I gave it time it would all settle down which it obviously hasn't. I went to work one morning and within 10 minutes of being there I was doubled over with agonising cramps that were building in intensity, I went straight to the toilet where I thought I was going to pass out, felt sick, sweaty and clammy. I thought maybe a just needed to go for a no.2 so to speak,  so I gave a little push but got a sudden pain in my lower stomach/top of bowel area that took my breath away! I went home to sleep it off and by the evening everything seemed ok. The next day however I noticed that when I sat down there was a feeling of pressure in the region I felt the pain. I decided to call the doctors to get it checked out so explained all the above to her. She asked if I'd had any kind of discharge which I had ranging from a pale pink, blood red, very dark almost black and brown coloured. Obviously with my periods being all over the place I had no idea what was a period or discharge but on the morning of my appointment I noticed a greenish colour that I hadn't seen before. She took a look and said she would take some swabs and do a smear test. She said the discharge was definitely coming from cervix and it was quite 'stringy'. She went on to do the smear test but she informed me she was unable to as my cervical entrance was to tiny to get the instrument in and as she touched it it started to bleed so she was making me a 'rush' gynae appointment to see if they could do it . I cant remember what she called it but something about staining cells? Obviously I'm really worried now and kicking myself that I never went sooner.  Since then though I have noticed the discharge is really smelly. So bad it makes me feel sick,  I can only describe it as something rotting!  I am constantly aware of it (as so is my dog!) I have to change panty liners frequently because I am so paranoid. I am so sorry for rambling on I was just hoping somebody has experienced something similar?  I am already preparing myself realistically so I won't be horrified if I'm told the worse I just would like a 'human' response to what I could be facing.

Good luck hope all goes well x

Sorry that didn't come out right! Obviously I would be horrified what I meant is that I am trying to mentally prepare myself for all scenarios so I can concentrate on getting whatever treatment needed as fast as possible. I didn't mean any disrespect to anyone suffering.

Hi hun, sounds like she's referring you for a coloscopy which is the same thing I'm going for. They use a microscope and a small probe to look at your cervix and sometimes spray iodine and or a vingegar substance to see which colour your cells go. I've got mine on Tuesday next week! Sounds very similar to what I've had for years and like you, put it off thinking it would go away. Let us know how you get on xxx

Hi everyone" im lisa 37 years old ive had 6 normal births no c/s ive been put on a pill i had when i was younger called microgynon, as my iron levels were low due to stomach veins bleeding from time to time, they i.e the doctors have put me on iron tablets daily now but ive been on a back to back pill for about a year, with no trouble, 

I sometimes get what ive always believed to be a breakthrough bleed short lived  in the first  or so,week of my pill pack and it lasts less than a day .

My periods have never been heavy only after having my children, my youngest being nearly 4 now 

And xmas this xmas gone in my second pack of the pill ( as was taking them back to back ) doctors idea to reduce blood loss due to low iron levels, levels are fine and have been for at least 6 months) 4 pills before the pack even finished i started bleeding but this was heavy and with lumps reminded me of bleeding after giving birth, had to double up on tampons and pads, this lasted just over 2 weeks the stopped i had a litte over a week + before the end of the pack so have myself a 7 day break this time was more normal but everytime the morning after intercourse i find ive bleed and its every time after intercourse , now, the bleed is enough to wear something but not heavy and never last more than 24 hrs.

Ive seen my gp he did a internal and felt my abdomen , i had no pain and he felt NO lumps he also said the cervix looked fine and said if the bleeding after intercourse continued to see him again, well it happened again so i went back to see him now he's telling me the cervix could be causing the bleed then went on to tell me about cervixcal cancer and has now reffered me to see a gyneoclogist at my local hospital, 

Now today the hospital rings to make appointment with me, says my doctor has asked me to be seen within 2 weeks , from things ive read and probably shouldnt of , does that mean he thinks the worst", or is this routine? Please someone tell me anything to put my mind at rest ,if this is' routine ,as im scared" ive never seen a gyneocologist before and whats this bleeding about? Any ideas please let me know thank you.xx

By the way no smell or discharge if that helps but i have had a bladder/ kidney infection in the middle of all this from when it started. X