Normal smears, abnormal biopsy

Hi, can't find any info on this as most articles talk about abnormal smear tests. I've had irregular, very heavy periods for years on and off. It was investigated 15 years ago, nothing found. Mirena coil sorted out bleeding. Had my daughter 5 years ago, and over the past 18 months the bleeds have got heavier again. Went to get coil fitted, GP not happy with my cervix, mentioned cervical erosion as I was bleeding when she touched the cervix. So went for a colposcopy. Also had smear test and a uterine scan which were both normal (I've always had regular smears, always clear). No other symptoms other than fatigue, but I'm anaemic due to the bleeding.

At the colposcopy everything looked fine, they took two biopsies but the consultant said he'd be very surprised if anything came back out of the ordinary. So four weeks later I get a letter which I expected to be my results, but they have called me back in for an appointment with the consultant next week.

Is it common for everything to look normal, but a biopsy to find something? I am obviously worried, and can find nothing online that relates to this sequence of results. I keep telling myself that it is good that other results were clear, but then I worry there is some big nasty lurking where the previous tests didn't get to :( 

Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated, my anxiety issues are having a field day right now!

Could it be that they found cells higher up? Gcin? That's not always picked up with a smear.

When is your app next week? Fingers crossed its all resolved quickly xx

Just an update. Had the appointment today, they have sent my biopsies to another hospital to confirm degree of abnormality, but I have overactive cells in my womb, not the cervix. I have to go for an MRI in 3 weeks, and once they have seen exactly what is going on I will be having a hysterectomy. At this stage we are obviously hoping it is precancerous and the hysterectomy is precautionary, but won't find out for another 3 weeks or more. The consultant referred to the results as very surprising, as everything had looked fine, but they are now taking a much closer look. Will further update when I know more, in case it is of use to anyone.

What a shock for you!

What type of overreactive cells, do you know? How you feeling about hystorectomy?


best of luck with it all x