Partner's results


My partner recently had a coloscopy and recieved a letter stating that the hospital were looking at her results and would contact her.

A letter has now come through saying they have found a 'high grade glandular anomaly' and asking her to come in to talk about treatment in a month's time. Can anyone suggest what this means? 

She has previously undergone a cone biospy and surely the hospital would be expediting an appointment if it was anything too serious?

Thank you.

My smear test result was a glandular abnormality. Was this the same reason your partner had the cone biopsy? Or was that a different abnormality? I would think if they are happy to leave it that long that you can take that at a good sign, they treat glandular abnormalities slightly different as they usually start further up in the cervix and can also skip areas so they can't always be sure that they have removed it all. I'm not sure how they go about treating cgin which is the pre cancerous glandular changes, these develop into adenocarcinoma (cancer) of the cervix. Top tip would be don't Google it. And you could give the clinic a call and ask if they can discuss it in more detail over the phone, however you run the risk of them saying they are unable to discuss it and then you just panic. Your gp can usually give you some more info also. When they say "looking at her results" they will be taking them to an multi disciplinary team meeting where several different professionals discuss he results and the best course of action. 

Hope I've not rambled on too much and hope all goes well with the treatment.




Thank you for that utterly brilliant explanation! So many questions answered about stuff I didn't understand before. Thank you! xxxxx


I'm thinking of taking it up as a profession, I'm a bank of knowedge :) xxx