Dull, heavy, lower back ache, feeling of pressure

Hi all, first of all I would like to send my well wishes and lots of love to all of you at this difficult time there are so many inspirational and strong ladies on this site! Although I have not been diagnosed I do have some strong worries and concerns over symptoms and I wondered if I could get some advice I hope this is ok? I’m currently awaiting results from cervical biopsy last Wednesday aftercolposcopist mentioning concern over ‘lots of changes’ although she said no more than that. I’ve been experiencing all the usual stuff for some time, pain during sex, bleeding after and irregular bleeds with very bright red, but watery blood . My main concern is the back ache that has been building for some time and I am becoming increasingly worried. I can only explain it as a very heavy, pulling, dull back ache that feels like pressure right at the bottom of my back (above bottom) and in the very middle. It’s becoming quite difficult to walk without the feeling of it pulling me down… Has anybody experienced this feeling of is it more of a pain ? I don’t know what else I can put this down to and wondered whether I should contact hospital? I’ve bled for last 3 days, now have swollen glands around my pelvis?? So sorry to ramble on… Anyone’s thoughts on this would be a big help to me xxx

Awwww pip, I'm so sorry but I can't advise you really. I would expect that the pains that you are feeling maybe down to anxiety over you waiting for results 

If you are concerned though, it's probably advisable to go to see someone as it may put your mind at rest.

Hi Pip,

Certainly it's true that the anxiety of waiting for results can produce some weird symptoms, though yours do sound perhaps a little more dramatic than most. Do you know how long you will have to wait for your results to come through? I would suggest that if you have longer than a week to wait that you contact a doctor to talk through your latest symptoms.

Be lucky :-)

hi tivoli, thank you for your message and support xx I received a letter yesterday to confirm that I will be receiving my results by phonecall on the evening on the 4th Feb, 2 weeks to wait .. I think I will call for advice tomorrow as I now have swollen glands in my neck, armpits and groin.. Probably totally unrelated but I suppose by talking to someone my mind would be put to rest xx thank you and I hope you are well. Just one more question, do you knlow is it usual to receive biopsy results by telephone or would a letter normally be sent? Xx

Hi, go your doctors this doesn't sound related but it maybe that you have an infection with your glands. I had back ache before I was diagnosed but ive always suffered with my back (having your sister stand on your back to reach the cupboard when your a child doesn't help!), I still have a lot of problems with it now and I've been the doctors about it. I'm having an X-ray and been given pain killers (I've finished all my treatment which is the need for the X-ray).

please don read our moans and think you've got cancer - wait to be given the results as you don't want to make yourself more poorly with stress. I was given my results face to face as mine is advanced but im back at work and getting back to the old me so if you do get the horrible news just think - if I can do it you can too :-)

but dont wait as infections spread and can cause more issues - I feel this maybe the kind of thing your looking at xx

Hi Carmel thanks so much for replying to me it's lovely to have people to talk to xx I will speak to doctor thank you and see how I get on. I'm so glad to hear you are on the mend, you must have been through such a tough time, I can't begin to imagine. Thank you for your help xxx

Hi Pip,

I'm in Greece where it's totally different. I have to go to the hospital 'results' desk, hand over my bar-code and my results are printed out and handed to me. I then have to find somebody who will kindly translate them for me. It's like a treasure hunt :-)

Hi Pip I'm exactly the same with the almost constant back pain and read symptoms online before Christmas and as I was over 18 months late for my smear test booked in for it to put my mind at rest, it did the opposite when I got my results back, I had my colosapy on Friday where the large amount of pre cancer cells were removed and I was told that I have to wait 6 weeks for my biopsy results! Not sure I can cope with 6 weeks of this worry, something I am confused about though is if the results come back as cancer surly the fact that the cells have been removed mean the cancer had been removed or does the blue spay only pick up abnormal cells but not cancer cells? Also read about the lower back pain being a symptom for ovarian cancer but not sure how this is checked for? Being 30 ( in a few months) I don't think i fit into the ovarian cancer age category  but it is also playing on my mind, think I'm going to get into the doctor to discuss my concerns but they make me feel like I'm over reacting or worrying about nothing normally xx

Hi ladies

just wanted to know how your all doing as I am going through tests at the moment and started to get lower back ache and a bit of aching in my groin (no swollen lymph nodes that I can feel but tbh I don’t really know what I’m feeling for) I’m terrified I have cancer as I have had irregular bleeding for 18 months but thought it was down to my PCOS now I’m terri I have left it too late and it’s something bad that can’t be treated :( 

So I had this too, that I could only describe as a lot of pressure, somewhere between the vagina and anal area, and it would feel like something pulling me down, or like I needed to push and give birth lol. It was like a lot of pressure, coupled with gravity pulling down. That feeling went away after treatments and has been gone for 2 years. No idea if it was tumor related or not. It did not hurt my back though, more so my bottom.